China’s Golden Girl: The Art of Guo Pei


Chinese’s most renowned couturier Guo Pei burst onto the international stage when Rihanna wore one of her designs to the Met Gala in 2015. In this episode of A Life Less Ordinary, we visit Guo Pei’s design studio in Paris and discover how she felt when that dramatic yellow gown sparked a global media frenzy, how her love of the colour gold was shaped by her upbringing in Beijing, and how she has become a modern messenger of China’s cultural heritage. In 2019, Guo Pei curated a selection of works from the second edition of Sotheby’s GOLD: The Midas Touch sale, as we honoured the metal that has inspired mankind for millennia. The global collaboration also saw Guo Pei celebrate her Chinese heritage, working with Sotheby’s specialists during New York Asia Week in the autumn of 2019, when her works were also be exhibited in our galleries. Click here to watch more Sotheby’s videos.

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