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London • Hong Kong • Paris • Beaune • New York • Hong Kong
November 2023 - November 2024

A ssembled over some forty years with care, connoisseurship and a keen palate, 25,000 bottles of wine from the revered cellars of Pierre Chen – epicurean and aesthete in equal measure whose collections of both wine and art rank among the greatest in the world – arrived at Sotheby’s last autumn.

Representing just a fraction of Mr. Chen’s vast collection, the wines – replete with rare bottles and mythical vintages – will be offered in a landmark series of five dedicated sales, each one devoted to a different type of wine or aspect of the collection, and together titled “The Epicurean’s Atlas”.

After the first remarkable sale in Hong Kong last November, Sotheby’s unveils “The Epicurean’s Atlas” French season. With over 3,000 meticulously curated bottles of Champagne and Burgundy, this sale series is set to dominate the global wine calendar in June and July across Paris and Beaune.

Leading the season is “The Ultimate Champagnes” Paris auction, representing a special episode in this global sale series, as it will be the first time ever that a Single Owner wine auction dedicated exclusively to Champagne has been offered. The sale is followed by “Live in The Vines” auction to be staged in Beaune, featuring an exceptional selection of world-class wines.

Future sales will be held in New York in September and Hong Kong in November, as we continue our journey around the world in which we offer for sale one of the greatest wine collections ever assembled: the legendary cellar of Pierre Chen.

In recognition of the global appeal of this auction series, Sotheby’s will be offering free consolidated sea shipment for all buyers after every sale, between the following locations: Hong Kong; New York; London; Singapore; and Bordeaux and Beaune in France.

“To me, wine is the 9th art. It is the only art form one can consume, using senses that other art forms don’t typically involve, such as one’s taste and smell, and it requires creativity on the part of the owner. ”
Pierre Chen

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"The combination of wine, food, and company at any one moment makes each encounter totally unique, but every memory of every encounter brings a smile to my face. I suppose that is the magic of wine to me: the power to relive moments through a single sip."
Pierre Chen

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