Avatars & Allegories: Property from the Estate of Pierre M. Schlumberger

March–June 2021 | New York | London | Palm Beach

T his selection of art and objects is united by many common threads—themes of animalia, anthropomorphism, the blurring of boundaries between man and beast, the makers evoking a sense of fairytale wonder in the process. Perhaps most iconic are Max Ernst’s images of Loplop, his avian alter ego, a leitmotif he incorporated into much of his Surrealist output as he crafted his own mythology. He also borrowed from existing lore, sometimes toying with synecdoche, for example in The Birth of Venus in which an organic scallop shell stands in to represent the entire tale of this goddess born of the sea. But these themes extend well beyond Ernst’s paintings and drawing—from the enchanting interior sculpture crafted by Lalanne to the anthropomorphic African figures, the vivid imagination and sophisticated taste of Pierre M. Schlumberger is on wondrous display throughout.

Property from the Estate of Pierre M. Schlumberger will be sold in a series of auctions this spring. Works by Les Lalannes are currently available for private sale at Sotheby’s Palm Beach Gallery located at Royal Ponciana Plaza.


Auction Calendar

Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas
Sotheby's New York, May 2021

Important Design Sale
Sotheby's New York, June 2021

Sotheby's Palm Beach

Sotheby's Palm Beach

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