Shirin Neshat: I Will Greet the Sun Again

19 October 2019–16 February 2020

Exhibition Overview

Shirin Neshat, Untitled from Roja Series, 2016. Web.

Originated by The Broad, this exhibition surveys 25 years of Shirin Neshat’s dynamic video works and photography, investigating the artist’s passionate engagement with ancient and recent Iranian history, the experience of living in exile, and the human impact of political revolution. Shirin Neshat: I Will Greet the Sun Again is organized chronologically and emphasizes Neshat’s use of metaphor and symbol in her development of an expansive practice of portraiture. Tickets for this exhibition will be on sale beginning September 1, 2019.

Throughout her career, Neshat has constructed poetic worlds in which women and men navigate narratives that mirror interior and political realities. Inside of and against these metaphoric worlds, Neshat studies the specifics of both individual and cultural gestures and poses, often assembling and interviewing real people who have lived through some of the most turbulent events of recent history, including the Green Revolution in Iran and the Arab Spring in Egypt.

Taking its title from a poem by Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad, the exhibition begins with Neshat’s most famous body of work, Women of Allah, and features approximately 130 works, including eight immersive video works.

Neshat’s 2001 collaboration with composer Philip Glass, Passage, will act as a pivot in the exhibition from Neshat’s early, very personal work made specifically about living outside of Iran during some of the most turbulent times in the country’s history to new bodies of work which reflect universally on seismic global political events such as the Arab Spring. Four galleries in the exhibition feature work never-before-seen in the United States, including a body of portraits made in Iran that Neshat has never shown publicly.

The second half of the exhibition features selections from Neshat’s most recent work, including a film featuring Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman, Illusions and Mirrors, as well as a completely new film installation titled Land of Dreams, currently in production.

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