100 Percent Wool

5 November 2017–23 June 2019

Exhibition Overview

Installation view of 100 Prozent Wolle.

The exhibition opens up its theme, WOOL, to visitors of all ages. They have the opportunity to encounter and interact with the wool on a playful, sensual, intellectual or nostalgic level. There are spaces of encounter in every room, which are designed to encourage shared, active experience and exchange between generations. At the same time, visitors can deepen their knowledge of various related topics. These include the life of the shepherd and relationships with the animals; the production of wool; the transformation of raw wool into yarn; and the process of knitting, from stitches all the way up to the finished product. The visitor can try out everything—either with or without guidance.

In addition to a sculpture of a sheep that visitors can climb, highlights include a shepherd’s clothing and gear, a clothing rail that tells stories, and a flying carpet.

This exhibition is part of an initiative by the MEK to develop a platform for visitors to learn about traditional agricultural practices together and to try them out first hand.

(Photo © Museum Europäischer Kulturen – Staatliche, Museen zu Berlin, courtesy of David von Becker.)

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