Juming Museum

New Taipei City | Taiwan

About the Museum

Located in Jin-Shan, this museum houses creations by internationally-renowned Taiwanese sculptor Ju Ming. The spacious outdoor venue, which combines art with the natural environment, exhibits Ju’s three main art series: Nativist, Taichi and Living World. Beyond celebrating Ju’s achievements, as well as his dedication to and passion for art, this institution aims to promote the sculpture arts and children’s art education.

The museum officially opened in 1999 with a total area of 110,000 square meters. Artworks are arranged in the vast outdoor space, which creates a dialogue and interaction with the mountains and ocean view. As visitors set foot in here, they become parts of this museum and parts of the masterpieces in which they can relax and embrace art and nature. The museum offers a range of facilities for special events, corporate meetings, or training sessions for businesses, organizations and individuals.

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