The Scholarly Cellar of Dr. Gordon Ku 半世紀收藏情懷古國泰醫生珍藏美酒
Live Auction: 5 September 2020 • 10:30 AM HKT • Hong Kong | 拍賣:2020年9月5日 • 上午10:30 HKT • 香港

The Scholarly Cellar of Dr. Gordon Ku 5 September 2020 • 10:30 AM HKT • Hong Kong

Celebrating Half a Century of Wine Collecting

An Introduction by Adam Bilbey

W ine collecting is, above all, about passion and sharing. This sale is a celebration of Dr. Gordon Ku’s 50 years of wine collecting, distinguished by a passion and devotion that created one of Singapore’s great cellars. Dr. Ku had a taste for the classic regions, yet his natural curiosity and astute tastes meant that he built up an incredible collection of wines from all over the vinous world. At the heart was his enjoyment of fine wine, especially the perfect marriage between food and wine. This is evident in the variety of styles on offer, with something to match every type of cuisine imaginable.

This wonderful collection came together, bottle by bottle, with the dream of sharing them with friends and loved ones. This is a cellar with such breadth that it will impress the devoted connoisseur and the passionate novice alike, knowing that each wine was thoughtfully chosen with a certain time or moment in mind. It is our honour to share this with wine collectors around the world, in the knowledge that this cellar was built for enjoyment and sharing. We hope you enjoy browsing this wonderful collection, as we all raise a glass to Dr. Gordon Ku’s 50 years of wine collecting.





The Connoisseur’s Collectionby Serena Sutcliffe, M.W.

Around the World 環球美酒
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  • Spain

    Lot 3827 Vega Sicilia 'Unico' 1968 (2 MAG)

    Estimates: HK$35,000-50,000

    70% Tinto Fino, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Merlot, Malbec and Albillo. A real whiff of Burgundy on the nose. Sweet, ripe and classy on the palate. Great finesse of texture. Lots of fruit and attack. Great chocolate at the finish. In 2013, overwhelmingly spicy, expressive and full of personality. The fruit now dominates the chocolate. In full flight and pure joy - seize it whenever you can. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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  • USA

    Lot 3858 Heitz Cellar, Cabernet Sauvignon, Martha's Vineyard 1974 (4 BT)

    Estimates: HK$40,000-55,000

    In 2014, I had my greatest bottle of this extraordinary wine, bought when very young and never moved from our own cellar. Excellent level and cork. On this showing, oh, to be 40 again! Deep, dense colour. A bouquet of mint, eucalyptus and transcendental intensity. Cassis, blackberry, liquorice and tar on the palate, like a liqueur sent from the Gods. Far thicker density than any Bordeaux. The taste goes on eternally, ith fabulous sweetness and glycerol. Becomes more tarry and less opulent, but more mystic, as it goes down, inexorably, in the glass. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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  • Australia

    Lot 3868 Mixed Penfolds Red

    Estimates: HK$22,000-30,000

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  • Italy

    Lot 3782 - 3785 Tenuta di Trinoro 1999 (12 BT)

    Estimates: HK$9,000-13,000

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  • France


    Lot 3014 Château Lafite 1982 (3 BT)
    Estimates: HK$50,000-70,000

    65% Cabernet Sauvignon in this vintage. On Christmas Eve 2013, an incredibly rich, spicy, leathery nose, multi-layered and meaty. The taste balances fresh acidity with real maturity and it is just so "thick" and velvety. Enormous tannic structure with irony backbone. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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    Lot 3260 Richebourg 2009 Domaine Leroy (12 BT)
    Estimates: HK$350,000-500,000

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  • France


    Lot 3697 Côte Rôtie, La Mouline 1978 Guigal (5 BT)
    Estimates: HK$120,000-160,000

    Wonderfully aromatic nose. Dense, deep complex bouquet. Incredible sweet liquorice on the palate. Such silkiness. Divine. Just poised perfectly on maturity. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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    Lot 3628 Krug, Clos du Mesnil 1985 (2 BT)
    Estimates: HK$22,000-30,000

    A glorious, crisp, hazelnutty nose. Tremendously young, sprightly and keen. Just so incisive. Limey finish. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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A Lifetime of Passion and Memoriesby Geoffrey and Gillian Ku

Discover Six Decades of Perpetual Petrus 六十年來的柏翠堡珍藏
Provenance + Inspection 來源及檢驗

The Wines

The majority if the wines from this cellar have been purchased over the last 50 years from trusted UK, French and Singapore merchants. Many of the wines were purchased on release.

The Cellar

The wines were either stored perfect storage conditions, in a bonded storage facility in the UK. Then when hitting maturity the wines were shipped to Singapore and stored in one of three professional temperature controlled cellars in the family home.

Inspection and Shipping

Wines held in the UK were shipped in a temperature-controlled reefer container to Hong Kong and then inspected by Sotheby’s Wine Specialists Kent Law, Paul Wong and Fiona Hui at Crown Wine Cellars. All wines in Singapore were inspected in September 2019 by Sotheby’s Wine Specialists Adam Bilbey, Kent Law and Jake Elgart. They were then shipped on a dedicated temperature-controlled reefer container to Crown Wine Cellars in Hong Kong.






儲存於英國的洋酒以恆溫貨櫃運抵香港,並由蘇富比洋酒部專家羅子康、王浩東、許定怡前往皇冠酒窖進行檢驗。所有儲存於新加坡的洋酒在2019年9月由蘇富比洋酒部專家貝安霖、羅子康及 Jake Elgart 仔細檢驗,洋酒隨後裝載於專業恆溫貨櫃中,運抵香港皇冠酒窖。

Food and Wine Pairing 美酒配佳餚

Château Margaux 2009: For Siu Mei Roast (燒味)

Cantonese siu mei roasted meats like char siu, roasted pork belly, roasted goose, tend to be quite fatty. In order to cut through the rich proteins, the pairing calls for a bigger red with some tannins. We also need some oak to go with the toast, and fruits to go with the sweet glaze. A rich and fruity 2009 Margaux, chosen here, will go brilliantly with the dishes.



Clos de la Roche, Cuvée Vieilles Vignes 2002 Domaine Ponsot: For Turnip Cake (蘿蔔糕)

A Chinese New Year must-have, turnip cake is made of flour, white radish, Chinese sausage, dried shrimp, dried scallop, and mushrooms – a mixture which is first steamed and then pan fried. The richness and oiliness of the turnip cake requires a wine with acidity like Pinot Noir. The slightly herbal and savory backbone of the wine will also complement well with the savory spicy turnip cake.



Château d’Yquem 2011: For Thousand-Year Egg with Pickled Ginger (酸薑皮蛋)

Sounds odd? This could be the Chinese version of foie gras with Sauternes! The weighty, glossy, slightly nutty wine levels with the creaminess of the egg yolk beautifully. The complement of the sweet and sour pickled ginger goes perfectly well with the wine’s dried fruit flavors, both together give the palate an easy sweetness but at the same time acidity that keeps it from fatigue.



Chablis, Blanchot 2004 Domaine Raveneau or Bâtard Montrachet 2005 Domaine Leflaive: With Hainan Chicken Rice (海南雞飯)

With the background of the consignor it seems only right that we include a Singaporean dish here. The Hainan chicken rice basically consists of poached chicken and seasoned “oil rice.” The chicken is perfectly cooked, served cool, and has a light and delicate flavor, so logically, it would go well with an equally light and delicate wine from a cooler region – for example, Chablis. However, the dish is served with accompanying sauces, including a black sweet sauce, a ginger sauce, and a chili sauce, and since the seasoned rice is prepared with chicken oil, stock, and sometimes extra herbs, they add a bit of body and flavors. A richer white Burgundy would be more suitable here.



Taittinger, Comtes de Champagne, Blanc de Blancs 2005: Pairs with Dim Sum (點心)

Although dim sum is an umbrella term describing a variety of dishes, Champagne is generally a good choice to pair with them all. Common condiments for dim sum are soy sauce, vinegar, and Worcestershire sauce, so something of higher acidity is needed here and Champagne is a great option. With fried dim sum, a chilled, acidic Champagne can counteract the oiliness. For steamed, doughy dim sum a creamy aged Champagne could do the trick.



Côte Rôtie, La Turque 1999 Guigal or Scharzhofberger Spätlese 1990 Egon Müller: With Peking Duck (北京填鴨)

Pinot Noir is often a go-to pairing for Peking duck (or just duck in general), but if we want to try something off the beaten track, a Rhone red can also be a good choice. Peking duck can be quite greasy, and the Rhone will be able to cut through the fats, and likely to work better with the spring onion and the sauce. Also depending on the sweetness of the lacquer on the duck skin, how much and what kind of sauce you use, or if dipping the skin in sugar Beijing-style, something slightly sweet would be great – for instance, an aged German Riesling. We don’t have to limit the choices with reds!



Vega Sicilia 'Unico' 1995: For Braised Abalone (燜鮑魚)

Abalone is cooked and soaked in rich-flavored sauce, which is why it is best paired with a red wine. With the thick sauce and the springy “tong sum” texture of the abalone, we don’t have to be shy on the body of the wine. Something round and not too tannic will be good. For example, a mature Tempranillo from Vega Sicilia will work the magic!

在濃醬裡燜煮的鮑魚最好與紅酒一同享用。濃稠的醬汁配上彈牙的溏心口感,配搭的酒體渾圓結實更佳。口感圓潤且不帶強烈丹寧的酒款恰如其分,來自 Vega Sicilia 酒莊的 Tempranillo 葡萄熟釀相信能夠一展魔力!


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