Fine Watches 鐘錶
Online Auction: 18 February–4 March 2021 • 10:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong | 網上拍賣: 2021年2月18–3月4日 • 上午 10:00 HKT • 香港

Fine Watches 18 February–4 March 2021 • 10:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong

T o celebrate the Year of the Ox, Sotheby’s is delighted to present Watches Online; each timepiece in this carefully curated auction would make a special statement to your loved ones over the holidays, or the perfect addition to expand a collection. The sale ranges across of a variety of categories, from the recently popular sports watches and classic dress watches to stylish ladies watches ideal for special occasions. The highlight of the auction is the Patek Philippe Nautilus reference 5711, a highly-coveted model which has been recently discontinued from production. Collectors will also have their eyes on a Cartier yellow gold Crash that has long been held up as an iconic design of asymmetrical beauty.

The auction will take place from 18 February to 4 March. For any further enquires we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us to preview the watches or reach out to us for further images.

金牛賀歲,蘇富比鐘錶呈獻鐘錶網上專場拍賣,讓廣大藏家在新春佳節為摯愛挑選時計珍品,或拓展個人收藏。今次上拍鐘錶種類豐富,包括近來備受歡迎的運動腕錶、經典正裝錶,以及風格獨特、適合於特別場合穿戴的女裝錶。點睛拍品包括最近停產的百達翡麗5711型號 Nautilus 腕錶及卡地亞的經典不對稱設計黃金 Crash 腕錶,美感獨特,歷久常新。


Contemporary Classics當代經典

The Patek Philippe Nautilus

It would not be an exaggeration to say Patek Philippe’s Nautilus is the rare watch that incites swooning among novices and aficionados alike, even moving seasoned watch enthusiasts to tears. It was a design that made steel sexy. The reference is routinely cited as one of the most coveted models in the world with a waitlist said to be about ten years. Last month, Patek Philippe did the unimaginable, announcing that it would discontinue this iconic model, spurring on a renewed fervor. Such is the power of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. Find out the history of this most famous watch, and why it is prized as an icon of design.

百達翡麗 Nautilus 腕錶是風靡新手與資深藏家的珍罕錶款,其獨特設計,使冷硬的精鋼變得迷人性感。Nautilus 常登全球最受歡迎錶款的排行榜,據說要擁有一枚新出廠的 Nautilus 腕錶,要等上差不多十年。曾經有一位資深藏家苦等多年,在終於得到心頭好的一刻,竟感動得熱淚滿眶。上月,百達翡麗宣布這個經典型號即將停產;這個令人意想不到的消息,在市場上再次掀起收藏風潮,足證百達翡麗Nautilus 腕錶的魅力。大家不如來了解一下這款名錶的歷史,看它何以被譽為腕錶設計典範。


Cartier is synonymous with creativity. Never a follower and always a creator of trends, the landmark brand would find inspiration from highly unusual places to see the creation of the most stand out and innovative designs in their collection. This has been true essentially since the company’s conception in the late 19th century and, impressively, in the design of both its jewellery and watch creations. The Cartier Crash perhaps exemplifies these attributes better than any other.

The design of the Crash was dreamed up by Jean-Jacques Cartier at the maison’s London boutique on Bond Street, a premises that to this day remains their flagship location. Cartier’s team conceived the Crash, a most extraordinary watch which has come to symbolize non-conformism and creative freedom. It is understandable why the watch was considered avant-garde upon its release, and it is this sense of defiance that perhaps appeals to such diverse collectors as movie legend Stewart Granger and hip-hop star Kanye West.

卡地亞可謂創意的代名詞。這個舉世知名的品牌從不隨波逐流,往往在令人意想不到的地方汲取創作靈感,締造充滿奇思妙想的系列,掀起錶界新風潮。自十九世紀末起,卡地亞一直秉承這種創意精神,這一點在品牌的珠寶及鐘錶設計上得以充分展現。其中,卡地亞 Crash 系列堪稱品牌創作理念的絕佳典範。

Crash 系列是讓・雅克・卡地亞的傑作,它誕生於卡地亞在倫敦龐德街的精品店,該店至今仍然是品牌全球旗艦店之一。此系列自面世以來,一直被譽為卡地亞的破格之作,此美名可謂其來有自——卡地亞設計團隊從一次意外中獲得啟發,構思出這款象徵創作自由、打破傳統的錶款,也許正因為這種特立獨行的不羈精神,傳奇影星斯圖爾特・格蘭傑(Stewart Granger)和著名嘻哈歌手肯伊・韋斯特(Kanye West)等各路藏家都不約而同地青睞它。

Ladies and Decorative Accessories 女裝錶及配件

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