CHINA / 5000 YEARS Including Chinese Jades from the Chuan Ching Tang Collection
博古五千 暨傳慶堂藏玉
Online Auction: 4–18 April 2024 • 11:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong | 網上拍賣:2024年4月4-18日 • 上午 11:00 HKT • 香港

CHINA / 5000 YEARS Including Chinese Jades from the Chuan Ching Tang Collection | 博古五千 暨傳慶堂藏玉 4–18 April 2024 • 11:00 AM HKT • Hong Kong

S otheby's Hong Kong is delighted to announce the return of the esteemed "CHINA/5000 YEARS" sale, showcasing a wide range of exquisite artifacts across various categories, with a special presentation of jade treasures from the Chuan Ching Tang Collection (Hall of Transmitted Celebration) in Taipei. This exceptional collection spans the Shang and Zhou dynasties through to the Tang and Song periods, encompassing a range of cultural regions across China. The second-generation custodian of Chuan Ching Tang has penned a personal essay to introduce the collection:

Chuan Ching Tang is renowned for its remarkable collection of jade, curated by my father, Mr Lin, who was warmly referred to by his friends and peers in the art world as the Lin of Huadu. Since the 1960s, he had passionately gathered a wealth of Chinese art, with an emphasis on jade as his centerpiece. Mr. Lin, a devoted connoisseur, immersed himself in the research of each piece's history, with a particular fondness for archaic jades from the Neolithic era up to the Han Dynasty. New additions to the collection were meticulously examined with the insight of the National Palace Museum's ancient jade specialists. Our home was adorned with a specially designed tea room that provided an intimate setting for guests from around the world to admire the jade collection.

While the tactile allure and extensive nature of the collection mean that larger pieces are a rarity, the assortment is nevertheless broad and culturally rich. It spans a timeline from practical Neolithic tools and weaponry to sophisticated ritual items, ornamental jades, and ceremonial pieces meant for burial. The collection celebrates a variety of ancient cultures, including the Amur River, Majiabang, and Dawenkou, with a particular spotlight on the Hongshan culture of the north and the Liangzhu culture of the south.

During the 1990s, Taiwan's market was flush with ancient jade, energizing a dynamic community of collectors. My father has been at the heart of this, frequently lending out pieces for display in both public and private museums. His long-standing contributions to the ancient jade exhibits at the Grand Hotel are particularly emblematic of his dedication to the custodianship and sharing of these historical gems.



因為容易把玩,也因收藏數量眾多,故較少大件,然而收藏類別廣泛,包含各種區域文化色彩。由高古使用工具、兵器等發展到後代如禮器、佩玉、祭祀 入土品等等;涵蓋阿姆度文化、馬家濱文化、大汶口文化,尤其是北方的紅山文化,南方的良渚文化。

九十年代台灣古玉來源較充足,整個收藏界非常蓬勃。林氏亦多次借展公私博物館, 尤其圓山飯店多年的古玉展出借最為長久。

Highlights from the Chuan Ching Tang Collection | 傳慶堂藏玉

Other Highlights | 精選拍品

Exhibition | 展覽

4 - 12 April | 11:00AM - 6:00PM
4月4日至12日 | 上午11時至下午6時

5/F One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway

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