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This department offers fine rugs, carpets and textiles from tribal peoples and villages, as well as from cities in Europe and the Far and Middle East dating from the 15th through to the 20th centuries.

Our team of specialists based in London and New York work closely with colleagues throughout Sotheby’s worldwide locations to consistently produce exceptional results in the field.

Auctions of rugs and carpets take place throughout the year in New York, as part of Americana, English Furniture, French Furniture and Continental Furniture sales. The department can be contacted via the specialist page or In London Rugs and Carpets are included in English Furniture, Continental Furniture, House sales, and we are delighted to be re-offering standalone Rugs & Carpets sales in the autumn of 2015 in London. For further information or to enquire about consignment please contact one of our specialists or email

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If you wish to enquire about the possibility of offering a work in one of Sotheby's Rugs & Carpets sales, please click here.

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