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Slim Safont (Spain, b. 1995).

Nil (Slim) Safont lives and works in Barcelona. He has a degree in fine arts from the University of Barcelona. Muralist and painter, mainly interested in urban art and interventions in public space, his works are large-format paintings that use the walls of the streets as canvases. He works on topics closely linked to the different daily lives he discovers in each social context where he has to work, and is interested in a realistic mural with communicative intentions that can be representative, and identifying mainly the social environment closest to each space where he develops his work. Apart from the creation of murals and his participation in various urban art projects at an international level, he has begun to produce oil paintings and to involve his work in other artistic circuits such as exhibitions and shows, both with art galleries and more alternative exhibition spaces. 

“This painting is born from a photograph taken in the streets of the city of Barcelona,” explains Safont. “The image tries to suggest a reflection on the differences and inequalities between social classes, highlighted visually in an image in which the idea of 'property' is represented in two very unequal ways in the same scene.”

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Boundless Space… The Possibilities of Burning Man.

Height: 44.5 inches / 113.03 cm
Width: 57.5 inches / 146.05 cm
Depth: 1.75 inches / 4.45 cm
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