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PROPERTY FROM THE COLLECTION OF CHEN DING (1894-1971) | 陳定先生舊藏 (1894-1971)

Chen Jichang 陳繼昌 (1791 - 1849), Zhang Xiaobin 張傚彬 (1882-968)

Chen Jichang, Zhang Xiaobin 陳繼昌、張傚彬 | 書法 Calligraphy

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Property from the Collection of Chen Ding (1894-1971)

Chen Jichang (1791-1849), Zhang Xiaobin (1882-1968)


ink on paper, fan leaf/ ink on paper, hanging scroll, framed

(Chen Jichang)

signed Shaomu with a dedication and with two seals of the artist

Colophone by Chen Ting with one seal

(Zhang Xiaobing )

signed Zhang Yuyuan with two seals, and dated guimao year corresponding to 1963


Running Script : 114 x 78 cm, 44⅞ by 30¾ in.

Fan leaf : 27.5 x 54 cm, 10⅞ by 21¼ in.


Collection Chen Ding (1894-1971)

Chen Jichang, Zhang Xiaobin


encre sur papier, l'un sur une feuille d'éventail, encadrés


陳定先生舊藏 (1894-1971)



水墨紙本 行書扇面/立軸 鏡框

(陳繼昌)鈐印:「繼昌」、「蓮史」。 題跋:(陳定,文略)。鈐印:「陳定長壽」




Collection of Chen Meigong (1878-1975).

Collection of Chen Ding (1894-1971), and thence by descent.


陳枚功收藏 (1878-1975)

陳定收藏 (1894-1971),此後家族傳承

Chen Jichang (1791-1849)
Chen Jichang, whose given name was Shourui , courtesy name Zhechen , and nickname Lianshi , was born in the fifty-sixth year of Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty (1791) and died in the twenty-ninth year of Daoguang's reign (1849). He was the last person to achieve " Three Yuan Passes " in the history of China's imperial examinations . He was the great-grandson of Chen Hongmou , a scholar in Dongge University, and served as acting governor of Jiangsu and chief envoy of Jiangning

Zhang Xiaobing (1882-1968)
Zhang Xiaobing was known by his given name Wei, courtesy name Yuyuan. He studied economics at Cambridge University in England , and taught at the New School of Law and Politics in Beijing after returning to China. During the Beiyang Government, he was sent to Russia as an envoy and served successively as consul in Chita, consul general in Irkutsk, and consul general in St. Petersburg. He returned to China after the October Revolution . Zhang's extensive art collection was at one point made into a private museum. The northern stele of the calligraphy set is especially fine in regular script. Mr. Zhang Xiaobin’s father was Zhang Renfu, a Jinshi scholar in the late Qing Dynasty.