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View full screen - View 1 of Lot 128. A large famille-rose 'immortals' vase, Qing dynasty, Qianlong - Jiaqing period | 清乾隆至嘉慶 珊瑚紅地描金粉彩八仙圖慶壽雙螭龍耳大瓶.

A large famille-rose 'immortals' vase, Qing dynasty, Qianlong - Jiaqing period | 清乾隆至嘉慶 珊瑚紅地描金粉彩八仙圖慶壽雙螭龍耳大瓶

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June 14, 03:20 PM GMT


80,000 - 100,000 EUR

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A large famille-rose 'immortals' vase

Qing dynasty, Qianlong - Jiaqing period

Height 86 cm, 33⅞ in.


Vase en porcelaine de la famille rose à décor d'immortels, dynastie Qing, époque Qianlong - Jiaqing


清乾隆至嘉慶 珊瑚紅地描金粉彩八仙圖慶壽雙螭龍耳大瓶

Acquired directly from a French private collection.



Vivid painting across the body of this vase depicts the 'Eight Immortals' gathered in an idyllic landscape setting and is strongly reminiscent of classical scroll paintings. See, for example, a contemporaneous painting of similar subject matter by Wang Chengpei (d.1805) in the British Museum (acc. no. 1910,0212,0.554).

The term ‘Eight Immortals’ (ba xian) refers to eight legendary figures popularly worshipped in the Daoist tradition as gods of longevity who punish evil, encourage good and help those in distress. Each immortal comes to represent a different facet of Chinese society: male and female, young and old, rich and poor, noble and meek. 

A related vase of Jiaqing mark and period, with ‘Eight Immortals’ scene on a yellow-enamel ground, was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong, 26th April 1998, lot 512. In its baluster form with dramatic trumpet neck and ‘phoenix’ handles, the present vase is also related to a number of similar vases from the Qianlong period. Compare a ‘landscape’ vase with similar phoenix handles of Qianlong mark and period sold in our New York rooms, 12th September 2018, lot 156; and another with a ‘hundred boys’ design on a white ground extending up the vase’s neck, also sold in our New York rooms, 21st March 2018, lot 709. See also the 'Eight Immortals' decoration on a Qianlong mark and period famille-rose lantern vase sold with Rémy Le Fur & Associés, Paris, Hotel Drouot, 25th September 2020, lot 1.


本瓶編制龐大,瓶身描繪八仙山水圖,其風格深受中國古典繪畫之影響。可參考汪承霈(1805 年卒)同時期主題相近之作,大英博物館館藏(編號 1910,0212,0.554)。