Magnificent Jewels I

Magnificent Jewels I

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Harry Winston

A Spectacular Diamond Fringe Necklace | 海瑞溫斯頓 | 鑽石項鏈,9顆主石共重 67.51克拉均為D色内部無暇鑽石

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Harry Winston | A Spectacular Diamond Fringe Necklace 

海瑞溫斯頓 | 鑽石項鏈,9顆主石共重 67.51克拉均為D色内部無暇鑽石

Suspending nine pear-shaped diamonds weighing from 14.93 to 2.04 carats, decorated with brilliant-cut and pear-shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum, length approximately 405mm, signed Winston, maker's mark for Jacques Timey for Harry Winston.

Accompanied by nine GIA reports, stating that the diamonds weighing 14.93, 13.62, 13.10, 6.43, 6.21, 5.04, 4.06, 2.08 and 2.04 carats are all D Colour, Internally Flawless; further accompanied by seven diamond type classification letters stating that the seven diamonds are determined to be Type IIa diamonds. Type IIa diamonds are the most chemically pure type of diamond and often have exceptional optical transparency.   

Harry Winston Necklace

In the 1953 movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe famously sang the line “Talk to me Harry Winston! Tell me all about it…” whilst performing the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend; perfectly summing up the jubilant attitude towards diamond’s most famous namesake. Harry Winston’s innovative design philosophy, in which individual gemstones, rather than metal settings, would dictate each design – helped revolutionize fine jewellery designs, and continues to remain the cornerstone of a timeless aesthetic that continues to inspire all Harry Winston creations.

在1953年的電影《紳士愛美人》中,瑪莉蓮・夢露演唱《鑽石是女孩最好的朋友》一曲時,唱出經典歌詞「Talk to me Harry Winston! Tell me all about it…」,滿懷喜悅地點名歌詠這個世界上最有名的鑽石品牌。海瑞溫斯頓認為,設計應配合寶石本身的特質,而不是以鑲嵌方式為主導,這個革新的概念為品牌以至整個高級珠寶界的設計理念帶來深遠的影響,亦成為海瑞溫斯頓雋永美學的磐石。

Recognised as one of the greatest jewel connoisseurs from the 20th century, “Harry Winston’s almost unerring instincts about gemstones grew over the years to legendary proportions," Laurence S. Krashes writes in Harry Winston. The Ultimate Jeweller. "(His) creativity sprang from a desire to display the finest-quality gemstones in the most elegant settings possible. While he admired the interesting jewellery designs of the Art Deco style, Mr. Winston wanted his settings to place more emphasis on the beauty of the gemstones themselves.”


It is estimated that one third of the world’s most famous diamonds passed through Winston’s hands during his career and his history with some of the biggest and most unusual jewels is unparalleled. In the 1950s, his collection was second only to that of the British Royal Family.


This magnificent diamond necklace showcases the creativity of Harry Winston designs, decorated with nine dazzling pear-shaped stones, along with a distinctive arrangement of diamond clusters and shaped stones of complementary sizes and remarkable brilliance. Of fringe design, the diamonds are mounted in platinum and weighs approximately 177.51 carats in total.