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The Distillers One of One

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The Glenturret Enduring Spirit (4 BT 70cl + EXP)

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The Glenturret Enduring Spirit

Four Lalique crystal decanters, each containing liquid to celebrate a century of The Glenturret's existence, contained in a handmade, Method Studio trunk.


Master Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno has created four unique whiskies to honour each of these centuries. Details and tasting notes from Bob can be found below:


Decanter 1: 1763-1820 - Cask #341, distilled in 1986, bottled in 2023 at 36 Years Old

'A spirit style reflective of the early years of the distillery.'

Tasting Notes: Ripe Pineapple, aromatic with Cinnamon sweetness, Tropical Fruits lead with Sweet Vanilla and Wood Spices, mouth coating, maturing Oak shows later flowing through to a Creamy, Fruity finish.


Decanter 2: 1821-1880 - Cask #190001, distilled in 1978, bottled in 2023 at 44 Years Old

'Showing the growth in character as the distillery benefits from experience and learning.'

Tasting Notes: Toffee Apples and Citrus Fruits, the aromatic thread continues, touches of Toasted Oak combine with Dried Fruit, Ginger, Cinnamon and Marshmallow, leading to a complex, warm finish.


Decanter 3: 1881-1960 - Cask #190006, distilled in 1990, bottled in 2023 at 32 Years Old

'Gaining knowledge on the influence of wood and its impact on our spirit.'

Tasting Notes: Syrup Sponge, soft sweet notes reminiscent of Sherry at Christmas, slight hints of Clove and Cinnamon. Dried Fruits and Gentle Wood Spices dance on the palate, leaving a rich but slightly dry finish.


Decanter 4: 1961-2020 - Cask #190014, distilled in 1998, bottled in 2023 at 25 Years Old

'Coming full circle, with the knowledge of time and experience, The Glenturret.'

Tasting Notes: Rich Dried Fruit, warm sweet notes from Raisins and Dates, subtle notes of mature Oak balanced with Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Liquorice and Aniseed make a brief appearance before a rich finish of Wood Spices.


To house these unique whiskies, Lalique has provided four beautiful crystal decanters using a vintage mould from the 1980s. Each decanter has a lasered image from artist Kirstin Burnet which depicts a key moment from one of the four centuries The Glenturret has been in existence.


The trunk that showcases the decanters has been hand-crafted by Method Studio in Linlithgow, the same craftspeople that created The Glenturret Uaine One of One in 2021.


The winning bidder will also receive an invite to visit The Glenturret Distillery to enjoy a sensational gastronomic experience, led by Head Chef Mark Donald at the Michelin-starred Glenturret Lalique Restaurant. 

4 bt 70cl (opc)


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