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The Trinket Maker | 飾品匠人

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March 1, 03:47 AM GMT


40,000 - 60,000 HKD

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b. 1988

The Trinket Maker


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

minted on 9 February 2023, this NFT is a 1-of-1 jpg image at 12000 x 8400 pixels

mint address: 0xbf817fe72263176b0623a8cae92a3a55b391e378







2023年2月9日鑄幣,此非同質化代幣為獨一無二的jpg圖像,分辨率12000 x 8400


The artist



Sleepr (b. 1988, Australia) is a superflat artist who uses expressive forms, novel compositions, and vibrant colors to produce exciting dream-like imagery. His PhD research documented the visual aesthetics and qualities of strange, complex hallucinations. Sleepr has helped develop highly experimental workflows and techniques during his tenures as a senior lecturer in digital art and design at a number of universities. He is quickly becoming a successful 1/1 NFT artist minting a range of explosive works on Solana with a dedicated collector base before being accepted into SuperRare. 

The Trinket Maker (2023) shows a wide shot of the studio filled with warm light. The room has many tables filled with various ornaments, trinkets, vases, bowls, wheels, etc. that were all hand-made by an unseen craftsman, who is perhaps the point of view witnessing this very moment. 

‘The studio’ referenced in work is an analogy of the viewer's mind –the inner world we live in and the place where we store immaterial trinkets – our ideas, memories, and experiences. The tables are filled with these personal things we carry within ourselves. The complex pipework on the roof represents the pathways of the brain; the warm light coming through the opening of the eye.

The artwork acts as a mirror to the viewer, who is looking at an abstract representation of the contents of their own mind.