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Terrell Jones

American Dream Life | 美國夢

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March 1, 03:46 AM GMT


50,000 - 100,000 HKD

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Terrell Jones

b. 1997

American Dream Life


Non-fungible Token ERC-721

minted on 11 February 2023, this NFT is a 1-of-1 jpg image at 9000 x 12000 pixels

mint address: 0x041a8E673065E9eD34533EDc7C34C39359140524


特雷爾 · 瓊斯





2023年2月11日鑄幣,此非同質化代幣為獨一無二的jpg圖像,分辨率9000 x 12000


The artist



As a digital artist in the emerging web3 space, Terrell Jones’ goal is to push boundaries in this new exciting realm. He believes that the decentralized nature of web3 technology has the power to transform the art world by giving artists greater control over the distribution, value, and ownership of their work.


His work is inspired by storytelling, nostalgia, and introspection. He aims to create art that engages with these themes and encourages viewers to connect with his art on a deeper level.


American Dream Life (2023) is a piece in Terrell Jones’ ongoing series “Evil In Colour”. This piece is an exploration of the “American Dream” & the pursuit of success. What do you do when your ultimate goal doesn’t bring you fulfillment? The piece seeks to explore and provide insights into the complexities of this dilemma.