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Guido Di Salle

Hawaiian Kiss

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Guido Di Salle

b. 1979

Hawaiian Kiss

non-fungible token ERC-721

smart contract address: 0xbb0ba71D3440fE08829456726C3D7a74298e4D23

token ID: 6

metadata: jpg

Minted in 2023, ed. 1/1.

The artist.

Hawaiian Kiss is a natural progression in Guido Di Salle's body of work, and plays off of the success of Sicilian Kiss, which at the time of release, was the largest photographic edition released with 14812 minted at no charge within 5 hours.

"I always believed a photograph could take you somewhere special, even if you had never been there. In that one fraction of a second you can both capture a moment frozen in time, while simultaneously being transported to the place your minds eye brings you. For this photo, it was Hawaii sealed with a kiss."


Guido Di Salle has risen from a photographer who became known for his photographs featured in various publications including Playboy and GQ Italia, to an innovator and provocateur in the world of Web3. Having launched successful photographic collections, he has also pioneered unique distribution and redemption methods for his art. He has consistently pushed the boundaries of his own body of work and in how photography is perceived. Guido is unapologetically himself. His focus is to create iconic imagery of people, places and things.