Baroque: Masterpieces from the Fisch Davidson Collection

Sir Peter Paul Rubens

Salome presented with the head of Saint John the Baptist

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Baroque: Masterpieces from the Fisch Davidson Collection

Sir Peter Paul Rubens

Siegen 1577 - 1640 Antwerp

Salome presented with the head of Saint John the Baptist

oil on oak panel

panel: 37 by 40⅛ in.; 94 by 101.8 cm.

framed: 49¼ by 54 in.; 125.1 by 137.2 cm.

Spanish Royal collection, Alcázar de Madrid, Galeria del Mediodia, recorded between 1666 and 1700 (see note);
Le Camus family (according to a red wax seal on the verso);
Possibly M. de Merval, and his sale, Paris, 9 May 1768 ("Hériodiade à qui des guerriers apportent la tête de St. Jean" [see Rooses 1888]);
Private collector, Montargis, France;
By whom sold, Fontainebleau, Drouot, 14 June 1987, no lot number, (as “Studio of Rubens”);
Where acquired by Charles Bailly;
By whom anonymously sold, New York, Sotheby’s, 30 January 1998, lot 137;
Where acquired by Otto Naumann, Ltd., New York, and Alfred Bader, Milwaukee;
From whom acquired by Steve Wynn, Las Vegas, 1998;
By whom sold with property holdings to MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 2000;
From whom acquired by the present collectors, 2000.

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