The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour

The Samurai: Japanese Arms and Armour

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A honkozane do-maru gusoku [armour] | Edo period, 18th century

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A honkozane do-maru gusoku [armour] 

Edo period, 18th century

the twenty-two plate black lacquer iron bowl with raised ridges, five-stage copper-gilt tehen kanamono, the mabisashi [peak] with stenciled Dutch leather, the fukigaeshi [turnbacks] similarly decorated and applied with aoi mon [leaves of wild ginger crests], the three-tiered black lacquer shikoro [neck guard] in kebiki odoshi [close-spaced lacing] in dark blue and pale blue braid, lacquered wood maedate of a silver fox, red lacquer detail, fitted wood storage box with inscription; the hammered iron mempo with detachable nose plate, yak hair moustache, red lacquer interior, two tiered yodaregake [throat protector], the nodowa [throat guard] of two tiers in black lacquer and laced in matching braid; the rounded maru-do [cuirass] in black lacquered honkozane [true lamellae] laced in matrching dark blue and pale blue braid, stenciled Dutch leather, black copper-gilt fukurin, six-tiered osode [large shoulder guards], chainmail kote [sleeves], seven tassets of five tiered kusazuri [skirt], the haidate [underskirt] with fine silk brocade and further stenciled leather, the reverse in green silk, two armour storage boxes 

Mounted on the armour storage box: approx. 144 cm., 56¾ in. high 

The armour storage box: each 53 x 39.5 x 39 cm., 20⅞ x 15½ x 15⅜ in. 

Please note that the wood armour display stand illustrated is not included in this lot. An armour stand can be ordered from the department.