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Fernando Zóbel

Fernando Zóbel 費南度·索培爾 Sol y tractor II 太陽與曳引機II

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Fernando Zóbel

1924 - 1984

Sol y tractor II

oil on canvas

signed Zobel and dated 1968 (lower left); signed Zobel, titled SOL Y TRACTOR II, numbered 68-63 and dated Oct 1968 on the reverse

executed in 1968

unframed: 61 by 61 cm; 24 by 24 in.

framed: 64 by 64 cm; 25 by 25 in.

This work will be included in the catalogue raisonné of the artist currently being prepared by Alfonso de la Torre.



1924 - 1984




ZOBEL 1968(左下)



ZOBEL Oct 1968 (畫背)


作品: 61 x 61 cm; 24 x 24 in.

畫框: 64 x 64 cm; 25 x 25 in.

註:本作將Alfonso de la Torre正籌備編纂的藝術家作品集

Private Spanish Collection (acquired directly from the artist in 1968)

Private Spanish Collection (inherited from the above in 2006)




The Philippines born Spanish artist Fernando Zóbel was a driving force behind the Cuenca School of artists in Spain. Educated in Spain, the Philippines and at Harvard in America, Zóbel’s oeuvre is a constant mediation between light, color and essence: an attempt at revealing truth through reduction to an abstract essence in lyrical abstraction. Living a dual existence between Spain and the Philippines, Fernando Zóbel was “the quintessential transnational who spent much of his life searching for his roots”.

Sol y tractor II (Lot 6207) was originally purchased from the artist in 1968 and is an excellent example of Zóbel’s enhanced understanding of color, coupled with his highly systematic abstract vernacular. 1945 marked an artistic awakening for the artist, when he discovered the color field paintings of the American abstract expressionist Mark Rothko, at the Rhode Island School of Design. It was Zóbel’s desire to find a means to achieve a similar effect through his observations of nature, distilled and expressed through line and form.

Sol y tractor II, meaning “Sun and tractor” in Spanish, delicately arranges swooping plates of colors alongside one another, in order to study the various effects that alter their states. The bright, luscious orange at the center of the canvas emanates warmth and echoes the sultry sunset rays upon farmland, while the contrasting black calligraphic strokes suggest the vibrating energy of a tractor working in the field. What is especially unique about the work is the artist’s use of geometric shapes, a circle and rectangle, rendered in saturated greens. These striking forms, as well as the subtle hues impeccably blended throughout the canvas, encapsulates the careful, almost scientific approach that Zóbel applied to the study of painting, always deliberate and thoughtful.


西班牙裔菲律賓藝術家費南度.索培爾是西班牙昆卡派藝術圈的靈魂人物。索培爾曾於西班牙、菲律賓及美國哈佛大學就學,他注重光影、色彩與精神面貌之間的交流與平衡,並嘗試在抒情抽象中萃取出更純粹的抽象風格,從而揭示生命的真相。居於西班牙及菲律賓兩地的索培爾,被形容為「純粹的跨國者,花費一生中大部分光陰尋找他的根」 。

《太陽與曳引機II》 (拍品編號 6207)於1968年面世,並完美示範了索培爾對色彩更進一步的了解,以及他極具系統性的抽象視覺語彙。1945年,索培爾在美國羅德島設計學院欣賞到美國抽象表現畫家馬克.羅斯科的色域繪畫,因而深受啟發,這是其藝術生涯中一個覺醒的轉捩點。索培爾自此渴望藉著觀察大自然,並運用精煉而滿有表現力的線條及形體,達至類近抽象表現主義的效果。