View full screen - View 1 of Lot 8502. Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Yellow Lobster’ Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Yellow Lobster」樣品鞋.

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Yellow Lobster’ Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Yellow Lobster」樣品鞋

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Yellow Lobster’ Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Yellow Lobster」樣品鞋

Nike Dunk SB Low ‘Yellow Lobster’ Sample | Nike Dunk SB Low「Yellow Lobster」樣品鞋


Rubber, Cotton, Leather





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Nike and CNCPTS collaborations on ‘Lobster’ SB Dunks remain some of the most popular and iconic Nike Dunks the brand has ever created. They have been made in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple variations, all of which are coveted by sneaker collectors worldwide. The concept itself was inspired by the traditional New England lobster dinner experience.

Creator Rob Heppler recalled in an interview for Sneaker News:

I was looking at the Nike SB webpage and only two shoes jumped out at me. Then I thought about Nick Diamond’s Tiffany Dunk and that Gucci one. They both had that weird luxury thing. So then I’m like, “F*ck. What does Boston have?” When someone’s visiting, they always want to have lobster. Lobster is the only thing on the menu that says “market price,” or considered to be very expensive.

The concept behind the Yellow Lobster was to create incredible scarcity. As said by Nike, “Your chances of pulling up a Maine lobster trap and finding a yellow lobster are roughly one in 40 million and while the odds are better of finding the Yellow Lobster Dunk Low Pro SB, they’re an equally rare anomaly.”

The sneakers were not found at retail and only given to friends and family of the brand surrounding the release of the ‘Blue Lobster’ Dunk. It is said that only 36 were made, making them an incredible catch for sneakerheads globally.

Nike與CNCPTS聯乘推出「Lobster」SB Dunk,榮登Nike Dunk系列最受歡迎及最具代表性的款式之一。「Lobster」SB Dunk有紅、黃、藍、綠、紫色,全部廣受世界各地的球鞋藏家青睞。設計本身的概念來源,則是美國新英格蘭地區的龍蝦大餐。

設計師Rob Heppler在Sneaker News網站上的一篇採訪中憶述:

「瀏覽Nike SB網頁時,只有兩雙球鞋吸引住我的目光。然後我想起Nick Diamond的Tiffany Dunk和那款Gucci Dunk,兩者都有一種古怪的奢華感。於是我想:『糟糕,波士頓有什麼?』來波士頓的人總想吃龍蝦。龍蝦是餐單上唯一寫著『時價』的食物,給人一種非常昂貴的印象。」

「Yellow Lobster」背後的概念是物以罕為貴。正如Nike形容,「從拉上水面的捕蝦籠裡發現一隻黃色龍蝦的機率大概是四千萬分之一,雖然找到一雙Yellow Lobster Dunk Low Pro SB的機會更高,但這個鞋款同樣是難得一見的東西。」

「Yellow Lobster」不作零售,只在「Blue Lobster」Dunk發佈會期間送給員工的親友,據說只有36雙,對熱衷球鞋的藏家而言,都是夢寐以求的珍品。