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Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | 藍寶石 配 鑽石 胸針

Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | 藍寶石 配 鑽石 胸針

Sapphire and Diamond Brooch | 藍寶石 配 鑽石 胸針

Sapphire and Diamond Brooch

藍寶石 配 鑽石 胸針

Designed as a three-headed dragon, highlighted with circular-cut sapphires and brilliant-cut diamonds of bluish tint, mounted in 18 karat yellow gold, signed, British assay and maker's marks, with case.

Please note that the diamonds of bluish tint have not been tested for natural colour origin. Signed Jewellery Theatre, with British assay marks for 18k yellow gold and British maker's marks. Sapphires weighing a total of approximately 2.00 carats are on average medium bluish green of strong saturation to medium deep blue of strong saturation, overall in very good condition. Diamonds of bluish tint are bright and lively. Minor signs of wear to metal. Brooch size approximately 8.3 x 4.8cm, weighing approximately 36 grams in total. Overall in excellent condition. Case stamped Jewellery Theatre.

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Dragons appear as mythical beasts in many cultures and are revered in different ways. This brooch depicts a Russia zmei, a many-headed dragon of Russian folklore and poems. The zmei is often described as having three heads and are known to be fearsome, powerful and fabulous beasts. This brooch depicts a zmei in flight and uses brilliant jewels to create a scale-like texture that contrasts against its golden underwings, and ultimately breathing life into this formidable beast.


“龙“ 这种传说生物在世界各地的不同文化地域均有出现,形态寓意各不相同。亚洲人普遍视龙为瑞兽,在中国文化里,它是吉祥福禄的化身。在帝制年代,龙与凤分别象征皇帝与皇后,为普天下人民带来繁荣安康。这枚别针启发自斯拉夫多头龙(Zmei),牠常常現身在俄羅斯民間传说和詩歌作品中。有别于其他西方传说中的龙,斯拉夫龙有三个头,是俄罗斯文学中的反派角色。它们长有翅膀,常于天际翱翔,据说更会不时掳走妇女。此别针上的斯拉夫龙呈飞翔姿态,它的鳞片以闪烁生辉的珠宝制成,与金黄色后翼互相辉映,令巨兽栩栩如生。

Please note that the diamonds of bluish tint have not been tested for natural colour origin.

Accompanied by a copy of the original sketch for the jewel.