TWGHs 150th Anniversary: Skateboard Deck Art Online Exhibition cum Charity Auction 東華三院150周年:滑板藝術網上展覽暨慈善拍賣

TWGHs 150th Anniversary: Skateboard Deck Art Online Exhibition cum Charity Auction 東華三院150周年:滑板藝術網上展覽暨慈善拍賣

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August 28, 04:19 AM GMT


10,000 - 20,000 HKD

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acrylic on skate deck

signed, dated 2020 and titled on the reverse

Executed in 2020.

20.3 by 80 cm. 8 by 31½ in.



b. 1978





林 CHINO LAM, 二O二O, Hero

20.3 x 80 公分, 8 x 31½ 英寸

"The two works Hero and Defrost pay tribute to healthcare workers around the world, conveying the hope that the pandemic will soon pass, so that the current situation will be "defrosted" and life can once again return to normal.

Every character appearing in the two works appears as Jiro, whom I created. As foreign characters appearing from outside this world, Jiro cheers for the healthcare workers. He also represents the common people.

The gods appearing in Hero were created based on Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, to express the idea that gods will bestow their blessing and support onto the healthcare workers.

In terms of composition, space and arrangement, both pieces involve two groups of characters interacting. The message is simple: the importance of communication between people." - Chino Lam

Hong Kong artist Chino Lam is one of the founders of the brand Mame Moyoshi Shacho. He once worked for the renowned Japanese toy brand Bandai. In 2017 and 2018, he was awarded the American Toy Award "Designer Toy Awards ". Driven by his passion for sashimi and aquatic creatures, he created a series of original characters featuring sea animals with human attributes. When rendered with traditional mediums such as calligraphy and Ukiyo-e, these cute and monstrous creatures evoke a sense of mismatched aesthetic, emanating a distinct aura that reminisces with street culture spiced up with dark humor. Chino's unique graphic style and fascinating imagination resonates with and captures the hearts of many and the popularity of his works in Asia rocketed within a short time frame.




在『Hero』出現的眾神,是把Michelangelo 的名畫《The Creation of Adam》二次創作,是想說神也會讚美和支持他們。

作品的畫面構圖、空間和排列,都是由兩方面的人物交流組成,是想傳達一個很簡單的訊息,就是人與人之間互動和溝通的重要性。」── 林輝

香港藝術家 Chino Lam(林輝) 是品牌「大豆芽水產」的社長之一,曾經效力著名日本玩具廠牌Bandai,於2017及2018年更榮獲美國玩具大獎 「Designer Toy Awards 」。由於Chino尤好魚生和水產生物,靈機一觸,筆下結合魚生與生魚的原創人物由此誕生。萌呆的角色造型混入了街頭文化的風格表達和黑色幽默,在軟膠潮玩以外的傳統媒材,例如書法及浮世繪的塑造下,產生了錯配藝術的強烈視覺,數年內風靡亞洲,虜獲一眾藏家的芳心。