TWGHs 150th Anniversary: Skateboard Deck Art Online Exhibition cum Charity Auction 東華三院150周年:滑板藝術網上展覽暨慈善拍賣

TWGHs 150th Anniversary: Skateboard Deck Art Online Exhibition cum Charity Auction 東華三院150周年:滑板藝術網上展覽暨慈善拍賣

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August 28, 04:31 AM GMT


20,000 - 40,000 HKD

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LEGO® bricks on skate deck, set of three

Executed in 2020.

each: 83 by 23 by 3 cm. 32¾ by 9 by 1¼ in.



樂高®顆粒拼於滑板, 一組三件


每件: 83 x 23 x 3 公分, 32¾ x 9 x 1¼ 英寸

"Established in 1870, the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals has witnessed the growth of Hong Kong. Therefore, I hope to represent the development of this city and the enterprising spirit of its people. When I was envisaging the design, the durable red-white-blue plastic bag, which was invented in Hong Kong, spontaneously came up to my mind.

Our team and I faced an immense challenge in covering the curvy surface of the skateboard with LEGO bricks during the production process. After repeated attempts, we successfully utilised the blocks in different shapes, one after another, exerting the functionality of the LEGO particles to create three red-white-blue patterns. Apart from the grey steering wheels which harmonise with the curve of the skateboard, we also added zipper buckles as embellishments to fully replicate all the elements of red-white-blue plastic bags."- Andy Hung

Andy Hung is the first Chinese LEGO®Certified Professional and the 13th person awarded with this title worldwide. Over the last decade, Andy has participated in and curated multiple LEGO exhibitions in Hong Kong, China and overseas, creating scene models and mosaics with local features in authorised LEGO stores in mainland China and Hong Kong. The scene models Mong Kok and Causeway Bay in 1980s exhibited at the LEGO Certified Store in Langham Place and Times Square respectively are some of his spectacular creations. In 2017, the 8-metre-long LEGO cruise ship model he built for a commercial company even set the Guinness World Record. His other representative works include the Forbidden City, Chinese Lion Dance, and Choi Hung Estate.

Andy is an alumnus of TWGHs Wong Fut Nam College.



我和團隊在製作時,最大的困難莫過於要將弧形的滑板包覆。經過反復嘗試,以人手逐粒拼搭不同功能的樂高積木顆粒,充分利用樂高顆粒的多樣性,再在表面拼砌出三款紅白藍膠袋的圖案;灰色轉向零件除了完美配合滑板的弧度外,我們更特意加上拉鍊扣作配襯,完整地表現紅白藍膠袋的所有元素。」── 洪子健