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Suido Nakajima. Japanese World Map. [1853]

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Shintei - Chikyu Bankoku Hozu. Japan, [c.1853 (Kaei 6, 嘉永六年 (Ka Wing 6th year), in the reign of 孝明天皇 (Emperor Komei)

Large coloured woodcut map, (817 x 1325mm.), matted, framed and glazed, old fold marks, a few minor tears or soiling

A FINE JAPANESE MAP OF THE WORLD. This map, printed in Japan, is presented in a western style on Mercator's projection. "In late Edo period (1615-1868) Japan, there was a growing general interest in map making as one aspect of the fascination with and pursuit of "Western learning" (j. rangaku). Tokugawa Ienari (1773-1841), the eleventh shogun (1786-1837), had successfully held of Russian, English and American attempts to enter into communication with Japan during this time. This meant not only constant pressure from the outside world, but also growing knowledge about the world, often through maps" (Pegg).   


Pegg, Richard, Cartographic Traditions in East Asian Maps, Chicago, The Maclean Collection, 2014, pp.85-117