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SOPHIE CHANG | Source of Hope

400,000 - 800,000 HKD
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  • Source of Hope
  • signed in English and dated 19; signed in English and dated 2019 on the reverse 
  • oil on canvas
  • 117.4 by 90.8 cm; 46 ¼ by 35 ¾ in. 

Catalogue Note

"I did not paint realistically; I simply painted what was in my heart. I showed people's light and brilliance through colour."
Sophie Chang Since Sophie Chang took over as chair of the TSMC Charity Foundation in 2004, she has been tireless in her charitable work. She single-handedly founded the Sending Love platform and she has devoted herself to the betterment of society for the last decade, at a time increasingly characterized by apathy. Chang has spent years traveling to across diverse places, bringing a warm light to disadvantaged communities and supporting them through hard times. Her paintings reflect her personality—full of warmth, sincerity, and kindness—epitomized by Source of Hope (Lot 1021), offered in this season's Sale. The piece embodies her desire to remove suffering and bring happiness through the power of love and the medium of painting.

While Chang's charitable work presents a positive force, it necessarily brings her in close contact with much suffering in the world. Encountering so many misfortunes in life means that even the most empathetic and optimistic soul would require an emotional outlet to release the sadness. Painting provides the space to transform that energy into something positive. Chang's vision of the universe as expressed in her paintings originate from years of meditation and intense contemplation. Deeper thought, shutting out worldly affairs, a desire for self-improvement, and an introspective spirit have helped her to freely construct an image of her soul. The boundless realm of Source of Hope reveals Chang's inner reflections and awareness. She transforms the hope in her heart into a splendid, moving pattern of colors, guiding the viewer on a visual journey toward a passage that feels like a rebirth. A mysterious light flashes from the center of the painting, like a fiery sun, or the halo behind Green Tara, an incarnation of Avalokiteshvara, which alludes to wishes for divine protection and great happiness. In Source of Hope, Chang has skillfully used her own technique to uncover a completely elevated spiritual power in the layering of brushstrokes and paint.