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Clos Vougeot, Le Grand Maupertui 1957 Bernard Grivelet (1 bt)Faded, soiled, and torn label adhered with tape, soiled, wrinkled, and corroded capsule, sunken cork Beaune, Hospices de Beaune, Cuvée Nicolas Rolin 1962 Ropiteau Frères (1 bt)u. 6.5cm, heavily cellar-soiled and scuffed label, soiled and corroded vintage neck label, partially missing capsule, and slightly sunken cork Clos de la Roche, Cuvée David et Laurie 1976 Georges Lignier (2 bts)Scuffed and cellar-soiled labels and capsules, 1 torn capsule, slightly sunken corks, excellent levels, color, and clarity Latricières Chambertin 1976 Louis Trapet (1 bt)u. 3cm, faded and glue-striped label nicked and peeling at bottom edge, scuffed and corroded Alexis Lichine capsule, excellent color and clarity5 bts (sc)Estimates are per lot