Lot 1875
  • 1875

Rare and Important Fancy Vivid Orange Diamond and Diamond Ring

12,000,000 - 14,000,000 HKD
19,280,000 HKD
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  • Emerald, Diamond, Gold
Of crossover design, one terminal set with a pear-shaped fancy vivid orange diamond weighing 4.08 carats, and the other terminal set with a pear-shaped diamond weighing approximately 5.20 carats, to the pavè-set circular-cut diamond hoop, mounted in 18 karat white gold. Ring size: 7½

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by GIA report numbered 10731072, dated 25 August 1999, stating that the 4.08 carat diamond is natural, Fancy Vivid Orange Colour, SI2 Clarity.

Please note that the certificate is more than 10 years old and might require an update.


The past few years marked the rise of fancy colour diamonds across the globe, with international auctions as one of the predominant platforms in which the general public, aside from collectors and connoisseurs, become acquainted with the colourful possibilities in the world of diamonds. While some colours such as yellow and brown are more commonly seen, other colours such as orange seldom appears; consequently, the vibrancy of orange colouration is especially captivating when displayed by a diamond.

It is believe that the orange colour is caused by nitrogen, which is the same element responsible for the yellow colours in diamonds. Yet these nitrogen atoms must be arranged in a specific way for an orange appearance to occur. Among the tiny percentage of diamonds that can been classified as fancy coloured, only a very minute fraction are graded as orange without modifying hue terms. These treasures radiating warm and energetic light rarely come by even at the most prestigious auctions. GIA also stated that they rarely saw orange diamonds exceeding 4 carats when polished.

Perhaps one of the most famous orange diamonds that appeared in auction is the 5.54 carat Fancy Vivid Orange ‘Pumpkin Diamond’ sold by Sotheby’s and purchased by The House of Harry Winston in 1997. Discovered in the Central African Republic in the 1990s, the ‘Pumpkin Diamond’ was featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History 2003 exhibit the Splendour of Diamonds. This spectacular exhibit, curated with the assistance of GIA, brought together a group of diamonds representing the very finest exampled in colour, size and quality. This important show provided a glimpse into the exotic world of coloured diamonds, opening its door briefly to the broad and eager audience. In 2011, Sotheby’s had the honour to offer ‘The Mandarin Orange’, a 4.19 carat cushion-shaped fancy vivid orange diamond, which set the world record price per carat and highest price for any fancy vivid orange diamond at auction. The current per carat record price for an orange diamond was set by a 14.82 carat fancy vivid orange diamond which sold for US$2,398,151 per carat in 2013.

This 4.08 carat fancy vivid orange diamond is a remarkable example of one of the rarest and most prized colour sensations observed in the world of diamonds. Its elegant shape is echoed by the similarly-cut adjoining white diamond, accented by a soft curve that continues their subtle outlines, freeing the two dazzling diamonds from any kind of enclosure, thus allowing this one-of-a-kind orange diamond to display its true marvelous colour.