Lot 1874
  • 1874

Important Sapphire and Diamond Ring

14,000,000 - 16,000,000 HKD
13,880,000 HKD
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  • Sapphire, Diamond,
Centring on a modified cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 12.00 carats, flanked on each side by bullet-shaped diamonds, mounted in platinum. Ring size: 6

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by Gübelin, SSEF  and AGL reports numbered 16025010, 84266 and CS1073170, dated 22 February 2016, 24 February 2016, and 25 January 2016 respectively, stating that the sapphire is natural, of Kashmir origin, with no indications of heating. Gübelin states that the sapphire 'possesses a richly saturated and homogeneous colour, combined with a high degree of transparency, and a finely proportioned cut. Such a combination of characteristics is rare in natural Kashmir sapphires of this size.'
SSEF Appendix Letter states that the sapphire ‘exhibits an important size and weight of 12.00ct combined with an attractive saturated blue colour and a very fine purity…a natural sapphire from Kashmir of this size and quality is rare and exceptional.’  Also accompanied by SSEF Premium Appendix folio.
AGL Appendix Letter states that 'This sapphire has received the highest origin determination issued by AGL: ClassicTM Kashmir...the sapphire also possesses the quintessential velvety texture and high clarity.' Also accompanied by AGL JewelFolio.