Lot 1815
  • 1815

Important Jadeite Bangle

7,000,000 - 9,000,000 HKD
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  • Jadeite
  • Inner diameter and thickness approximately 57.32 x 11.83mm.
The circular jadeite bangle of fine translucency and bright apple green colour, suffused with emerald green streaks and white patches .


Colour and Clarity: According to the jadeite testing certificate, the jadeite bangle is natural, A jade. Please refer to the report for details. In our opinion, the jadeite bangle is of good thickness, translucent, with patches of bright and strong apple green colour, there are cloud inclusions and few black spots upon close look but not seen when worn. Condition: Classic jadeite bangle with impressive width and thickness, in good condition. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that jadeite and rubies of Burmese origin and articles of jewellery containing jadeite or rubies of Burmese origin all less than 100 years old may not be imported into the US. The purchaser's inability to import any item into the U.S. or any other country as a result of these or other restrictions shall not justify cancellation or rescission of the sale or any delay in payment. Please check with the specialist department if you are uncertain as to whether a lot is subject to these import restrictions, or any other restrictions on importation or exportation.
In response to your inquiry, we are pleased to provide you with a general report of the condition of the property described above. Since we are not professional conservators or restorers, we urge you to consult with a restorer or conservator of your choice who will be better able to provide a detailed, professional report. Prospective buyers should inspect each lot to satisfy themselves as to condition and must understand that any statement made by Sotheby’s is merely a subjective qualified opinion. Illustrations in the catalogue may not be actual size. Prospective purchasers are reminded that, unless the catalogue description specifically states that a stone is natural, we have assumed that some form of treatment may have been used and that such treatment may not be permanent. Our presale estimates reflect this assumption.Certificates of Authenticity: Various manufacturers may not issue certificates of authenticity upon request. Sotheby’s is not under an obligation to furnish the purchaser with a certificate of authenticity from the manufacturer at any time. Unless the requirements for a rescission of the sale under the Terms of Guarantee are satisfied, the failure of a manufacturer to issue a certificate will not constitute grounds to rescind the sale. Gemological Certificates and Reports: References in the catalogue descriptions to certificates or reports issued by gemological laboratories are provided only for the information of bidders, and Sotheby’s does not guarantee and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, terms or information contained in such certificates or reports. Please also note that laboratories may differ in their assessment of a gemstone (including its origin and presence, type and extent of treatments) and their certificates or reports may contain different results.NOTWITHSTANDING THIS REPORT OR ANY DISCUSSIONS CONCERNING CONDITION OF A LOT, ALL LOTS ARE OFFERED AND SOLD “AS IS” IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CONDITIONS OF SALE PRINTED IN THE CATALOGUE.

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory certificate numbered KJ 92072, dated 6 January 2016, stating that the jadeite is natural, known in the trade as "A Jade".

內直徑及厚度約57.32 x 11.83毫米,香港尺寸1.54;台灣尺寸18.3