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Honoré Daumier

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  • Honoré Daumier
  • La Partie de dames
  • monogramed h.D. (lower right)
  • oil on canvas


Léon Lehmann
Private collection, France

Catalogue Note

Reputed for his satire of bourgeois morality but especially as a precursor of realist painting, Honoré Daumier often comments in his works on the social and political life of 19th century France. Baudelaire rightly considered him as one of the most important painters of caricature but also of modern painting. He was indeed one of the first painters to capture realist subjects of Parisian everyday life, the labour of the working classes, minor news items, behind the scenes of the Hotel Drout and the law courts, but also many works devoted to more intimate subjects such as reading or the playing of board games such as chess or draughts.

This painting, in excellent condition and hitherto unseen at auction, is an accomplished example of Daumier’s art which captures a humble, everyday scene and transforms it into a monumental and universal subject, far from simple genre painting. Another version of this work can be found in the Oskar Reinhart collection at Winterthur in Switzerland.