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August Wilhelm Sause German, Leipzig, 1813

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  • Miniature model commemorating the defeat of Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig
  • ivory and amber, on a wood base set with gilt bronze plaques, and a glass dome
  • August Wilhelm Sause German, Leipzig, 1813
signed and dated: Gefertigt von August Wilhelm Sause in Leipzig 1813, the plaques inscribed with the names of the four Dukes that led the army and the three monarchs that contributed the forces, a fourth plaque displays the dedication: Euer in Verbindung zu Deutschtum und Rettung. Consisting of three canopies supported by slim columns, the lower tier with Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor Francis I of Austria and King Frederick William III of Prussia holding hands to symbolize their federation, the countenances of the commanders Wellington, Wittgenstein, Schwarzenberg and Blücher are reproduced under the middle canopy, and God’s eye within a corona, symbolising the Holy Alliance, is at the top. Finials in the form of vases with flowers.


The princely family Sayn-Wittgenstein                             

Catalogue Note

The present miniature monument commemorates the Battle of Leipzig, a key battle during the Napoleonic Wars that began on 16 October 1813 and raged for four days. Pan-European forces dealt a decisive blow to Napoleon's war effort and therefore it is regarded as a turning point in the lead-up to the emperor's final defeat at Waterloo in June 1815. The victory resulted in the liberation of Germany on the right bank of the Rhine and is remarkable for the union of all of Napoleon's opponents on the eve of the battle.

Little is known about August Wilhelm Sause of Leipzig. He is recorded as a “Kunstdrechsler” on the occasion of an exhibition, Die Kunstausstellung am Friedrichstage, in Dresden in 1811 where he showcased a numbered of turned works of art.