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Attributed to Lupo di Francesco (recorded 1315-1336) Italian, Pisa, circa 1336-1343

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  • Head of a bishop saint from the Fieschi monument
  • marble
  • 13cm., 5 1/8 in.


Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genoa, installed by 1344 - removed circa 1614 or in the 19th century;
private collection, Switzerland

Catalogue Note

This head comes from a figure wearing a chasuble and carrying a bishop's staff framed by a lozenge-shaped relief today preserved in the Museo Diocesano in Genoa. The relief is associated with the dismembered monument to Cardinal Luca Fieschi, formerly in Genoa cathedral, thought to have been carved by a group of sculptors including the Pisan artist Lupo di Francesco, a collaborator of Tino di Camaino. It seems that the tomb was drastically reduced in size around 1614 and removed from the cathedral in the 19th century. Most fragments are divided between the Museo Diocesano and the Museo Sant' Agostino in Genoa, however, some sections from the tomb can also be found in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and in a Genoese private collection (see Di Fabio, op.cit., figs. 12 and 17)

C. Di Fabio, 'Gli scultori del monumento del cardinale Luca Fieschi nella cattedrale di Genova. Presisazioni e proposte', Bollettino d'arte VII, 2009, pp. 263-288