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Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

New York

Joan Miró
1893 - 1983

Inscribed with the signature Miró and numbered 1/4


Height: 85 5/8 in.
220 cm
Conceived in 1974 and cast in an edition of 4 during the artist's lifetime.
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Galerie Maeght, Paris

Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York


Alain Jouffroy & J. Teixidor, Miró Sculptures, Paris, 1980, no. 278, illustration of another cast p. 205

Emilio Fernández Miró & Pila Ortega Chapel, Joan Miró, Sculptures.  Catalogue raisonné, 1928-1982, Paris, 2006, no. 318, illustration of another cast p. 301

Catalogue Note

Although from time to time Miró had worked with three-dimensional forms, it was not until the 1960s that he began to work consistently in bronze.  His sculptures from the late 1960s onwards were often composed of assemblages of commonplace objects that "have an irrationality as total objects that endows them with a strongly equivocal, poetic presence" (M. Rowell, Miró, New York, 1970, p. 25).

According to the new catalogue raisonné by Emilio Fernández Miró and Pila Ortega Chapel, the present bronze was cast by the lost-wax process at the Susse Foundry in Arcueil.  It is one of four casts that is signed and justified by the artist, and it is the first cast from that edition.  After it was consigned to Miró's Paris dealer Galerie Maeght, it was later sent to his New York-based dealer, Pierre Matisse.

Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale

New York