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Alexandra Leykauf

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  • Alexandra Leykauf
  • Negative Cinema
  • 2008
  • papier-mâché and wood, edtion 1/3
  • 165 x 100 cm / 64.96 x 39.37"


donated by the artist


Some recent solo exhibitions
Musée d'Art moderne de la ville de Paris (Salle noire), Paris 2010
Barbara Wien, Berlin 2009, 'Cadre / Cache'
Galerie Martin van Zomeren/gmvz, Amsterdam 2008
FOAM, Amsterdam 2006, 'Alexandra Leykauf & Lisa Oppenheim'

Some recent group exhibitions
Kunstverein Nürnberg, Nuremberg 2009
Studio Sassa Truelzsch, Berlin 2008, 'Shadow play I / Shadow of things'
De Hallen, Haarlem 2007, 'The present order is the disorder of the future'


Selected public and corporate collections
Mairie de Paris, FR • Kunstcollectie Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL

Catalogue Note

Alexandra Leykauf's black and white photocopies, framed photographs and papier-mâché reliefs are based on images of architecture, garden-architecture, monuments and modern sculpture and show an eclectic use of their components. Arrangements of diverse depictions defunctionalise the original perspectives and produce new, theatrical spaces. The photographic image of architecture is transformed into new mental spaces that lack any sense of scale or dimension. The papier-mâché relief can be described as a two-fold translation; architecture into photography and photography into sculpture. The dramatic perspective of the source photograph is forced onto the three-dimensional object. Therefore, perspective is no longer a result of the point of view the spectator/camera takes towards the object, but intrinsic to the object.

Alexandra Leykauf  was resident artist at the Rijksakademie in 2003-2004.