Pamela Anderson Q&A: Why Erotica is More Important Than Ever

By Sotheby's

Ahead of the Erotic: Passion & Desire sale in London on 16 February, actress and activist Pamela Anderson will be taking part in a panel discussion at New Bond Street on Sunday 12 February - Watch it live at 2.30pm on our Facebook page. We caught up with her before Sunday’s event to find out about her passions and to hear why she believes we need a sensual revolution.

Sotheby’s: Do you have a favourite piece from the Sotheby’s Erotic sale?

Pamela Anderson: I love the Roman sculpture of the two lovers in marble. It is beautiful. Romantic and erotic. Love marks the beginning of time.


S: With all the current political upheaval, do you think erotica is more important than ever? 

PA: I do think so because it is human, it is the essence of who we are. It's also a nice distraction. It's hard to believe that's the case. We are inundated with information. And we need to remember what makes us happy. Art does that. It reminds us... of the important things. It engages our minds, souls, hearts.

S: Tell us about your upcoming book The Sensual Revolution.

PA: I believe we need a revolution - a loving one. The sexual revolution gave us some good common sense freedoms but it also gave us some really bad sex in some cases. Detached, numb... less romantic. More robotic partners. In an erotic world I imagine a sensual decadence that brings people closer - joining people together. Not pulling apart. It is enticing, erotica doesn't take the place of sex. But teases, provokes and encourages healthy and exciting sex. It is time to allow one another to be vulnerable and open and safe. All of our decisions can be sensual. It is to have empathy.


S: Playboy recently removed full nudity from the magazine and as the person to have starred on the most number of Playboy covers (you've done 14!), you graced the cover of the final naked issue. Did it feel like the end of an era?

PA: It is bittersweet. The lifestyle of Playboy was more than the photos. But the photos represented freedom and a girl-next-door sexiness. The art of the tease. At the mansion I learned a lot about sex, but also politics, art... intellectuals and romantic love. It is a balance. All systems fire.

S: You’ve been working with animal rights organisation PETA for many years now ­ including writing to Theresa May and Vladimir Putin, and have spoken of your interest in doing a Sea Shepherd conservation mission. How important to you is campaigning?

PA: I have been an activist for animals since I was a young girl. I always knew if you were good to animals you were good to people. It is unnecessary and unhealthy to abuse animals for what we eat and wear or for entertainment. The world is full of life. Not just human life. We all have roles to play. We must be more conscious of our actions. There are repercussions good and bad. There are animal issues in every country. Whenever I travel I make it mean something to somebody vulnerable. This is how to live sensually - using all we have to make the world better. If it's one life that has been improved somehow someway. One animal. One person - I've had a good day.

S: You spoke at The Oxford Union about the damaging nature of pornography. What’s the difference between porn and erotica?

PA: De-sensitization destroys love. We have to decide this one for ourselves. If we are watching porn and not making love to our husband or wife something is wrong. Neglect is a form of abuse. And porn addicts need help.

S: You have moved seamlessly from the worlds of Playboy to high fashion via Hollywood and political activism ­ how do these worlds differ?

PA: I apply everything I learn to everything I do. Playboy was my university. I graduated with honours. It made me a better person and a better activist.


S: You've talked about your passion for architecture when designing and building your home. Does this extend to art as well?

PA: I grew up around poets, mythology and fairytales then moved to LA. The land of dreams and cinema. I have a lovely collection of art. I have dear friends who are artists. Ed Ruscha, Richard Prince, David Lachapelle. I've been surrounded by contemporary art and artists for 25 years in California. Now living part time in Europe - I am blessed to experience culture every day. I have always made a point to go to museums and art galleries regularly. I have taught myself. And, I have dragged my kids along with me - they can appreciate now at 19 and 20. It has given them something more than our little bubble. I can't imagine what their lives will look like, but they are fully loaded young gentlemen.

Pamela Anderson has been appointed as International Brand Ambassador for the luxury lingerie and erotica fashion house Coco de Mer. They are currently working together on the first of their joint projects - a new film by The Full Service and Rankin, empowering women to take back control of Valentine’s Day.

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