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Holiday Gift Guide: Hermès Bags for Men

By Lindsey Weiss
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Hermès HAC Birkin Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear Spring/Summer 2017

Hermès Bags for Men

Hermès lovers aren't only women. While women make up the vast majority of Hermès bag collectors, that is increasingly changing. During the Fall/Winter 2022 men's runway show, Hermès introduced the Rock, a new addition to the Haut à courroies family and a Birkin just for men. Before the release of the Rock Birkin, men have been gravitating towards the HAC birkin, larger Hermès Kelly and larger Bolide bags. Classic designs like the Sac a Depeches have been staples of any gentleman’s wardrobe for decades, and Sotheby’s has plenty of other Hermès bags that he will reach for just as often.

Hermès Kelly Depeches Pouch 25 Black Evergrain and Matte Alligator Touch Gold Hardware, 2021

Here are a few of our top Hermès bag suggestions for gifting that special man in your life this year:

The Haut à Courroies Bag

Hermès HAC Birkin 40 Bordeaux Shiny Alligator Palladium Hardware, 2004

Serving as design inspiration for the iconic Birkin bag, the Haut a Courroies or HAC bag was first released in 1892. Originally designed for carrying a saddle and equestrian riding boots, the Birkin HAC today is used mostly for travel. The Birkin HAC 40, which is the smallest size Hermès currently makes. It is a good size for daily use, an over night trip or weekend adventure. The short handles are ideal for carrying in-hand, and the roomy interior can hold anything you might need.

Birkins 35 and 40

Hermès Birkin 40 Vert Canopee Togo Gold Hardware, 2011

For years the Birkin 40 has been seen as primarily a men’s bag. Even female Hermès collectors who prefer this size often know their chances of getting one in a boutique are higher at a men’s location. But recently more and more men are turning to the Birkin 35. This size, which once was the most popular throughout the market, has declined in value as Hermès mini bags (Birkin 25, Kelly 25 and Mini Kelly 20) have become more popular. Big enough for almost any laptop plus other daily essentials, the Hermès Birkin 35 or 40 is the perfect gift for any style-conscious man.

The HAC a Dos

Hermès HAC a Dos PM Blue Nuit Togo Palladium Hardware, 2022

One of Hermès’ newest designs, the HAC a Dos miniaturizes the iconic closure into a sleek crossbody sling bag for men. Produced in PM and GM sizes, this unique new style is sure to be an exciting addition to any man’s wardrobe. The crossbody sling bag is replacing the messenger bag for many men as phones have consolidated many of the daily essentials. The HAC a Dos sling bag is perfect for the more fashion forward man in your life.

Kelly 35 and 40

Hermès Kelly Lakis 40 Chocolate Calf Box and Officier Toile Palladium Hardware, 2005

In larger sizes the Hermès Kelly bag, in Sellier construction especially, can easily replace the traditional briefcase. A Sellier Kelly 35 or 40 is a good sturdy option for most men. With less depth than an Hermès Birkin, a Kelly in these sizes can also easily hold most laptops along with other items. Larger Hermès Kelly Retourne bags are good options for daily use as well, and their softer structure lends itself to travel, too. If the man in your life is looking for a modern briefcase, a Kelly 35 or 40 is a perfect holiday gift.

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