A Legacy of Giving

A Legacy of Giving

S otheby’s is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Carl Jakob Haupt Foundation for the upcoming sale Collection Neumann-Hug – Bauhaus : une Inspiration. In 2019, Giannina Haupt’s husband, German artist, blogger and author Carl Jakob Haupt sadly passed away from cancer. After this tragic event and to honour his memory, Giannina Haupt decided to continue building the Foundation they created together, which carries his name and aims to raise awareness, collect funds and help young people suffering from cancer. We met with Gianinna Haupt to talk about the achievements and goals of the foundation, as well as her passion for the art and design of the Bauhaus movement.

Giannina and Carl Jakob Haupt. Courtesy Giannina Haupt.

Sotheby’s: You are celebrating the first anniversary of the foundation this Autumn. What have been the highlights of this year?

Gianinna Haupt: We are happy we were able to continue fulfilling the wishes of cancer patients, for example sending a young couple on a vacation to Zandvoort. In addition, we connected the first chemotherapy patrons with patients of our network and it is going well. We also did a charity capsule collection with a big fashion brand for which all proceeds went straight to the organisation. To have the Neumann-Hug Collection and Sotheby's as donation partners is of course another big highlight of this year.

What is the mission statement of the Carl Jakob Haupt Foundation?

The mission of the foundation is to help young people diagnosed with cancer who are not financially well-off and who are not able to provide for their needs. At the moment we are concentrating on fulfilling certain wishes of cancer patients. It can be offering a holiday trip or helpful and necessary objects to improve their daily life, which are not covered by health insurance (e.g. private transport for patients, adjustable chairs, etc.)

In addition, we are building our "Chemotherapy patrons" system. Chemotherapy patrons are volunteers who support patients during and after their chemotherapy in their everyday life. Their responsibilities include accompanying them to their chemotherapy sessions, running errands, keeping them company at home and helping them with bureaucracy (applications, forms, papers). They also offer companionship over the phone and a helping hand in the household by picking up children from school, taking them to school, taking care of a pet etc.

Carl Jakob Haupt. Courtesy Giannina Haupt.

Since its creation, partners from the fashion world have come to support the foundation. Is this the first time that support has come from the art world?

Carl Jakob was a well-known figure in the Berlin art scene. He worked closely with the König Gallery and other artists for his brand Dandy Diary. We continue what Carl Jakob started and are very happy that Sotheby’s and the Neumann-Hug Collection are taking part in our first collaboration with the art world.

This collection is focussed on the Bauhaus movement, specifically Design and Photography. Is it a period you are particularly drawn to?

Of course. As Germans we are very into the Bauhaus era and its historical influence on architecture and design. We ourselves have been to Weimar many times, which is the original birthplace of this important movement.

What are your personal artistic and collecting tastes?

I am very into contemporary and performance art, for example I really like the work of artists such as Marina Abramovic and Ai Weiwei.

Are there any upcoming events or projects for the foundation that you can share with us?

We are looking forward to continuing and expanding our "Chemotherapy patrons" network to help as much people suffering from cancer as possible. We also are going to continue making wishes from cancer patients come true. During this pandemic, it unfortunately has not been possible yet, but we are also planning a charity dinner and information days as soon as we possibly can.

Discover more about the Carl Jakob Haupt Foundation.


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