Adèle Bourbonne

  • Associate Specialist | Continental Furniture


Adèle started working as a Junior Cataloguer in Continental Furniture at Sotheby’s London three and a half years ago. Having completed her Master’s degree in Furniture, Decorative Arts and Curation in conjunction with the Cooper Hewitt Museum, she embarked on a new adventure at Sotheby’s which has led her to admire and research some of the most magnificent objects and collections, as well as meeting the most interesting experts and collectors in the field.

The richness of 18th-century French interiors, the birth of an important design vocabulary from the 17th century onwards, as well as the craftsmanship and ingenuity of makers of centuries ago is what first sparked Adèle’s interest in furniture, and these reasons still fascinate and drive her today. Through her years in the Furniture Department, she has had the privilege of cataloguing many pieces and collections spanning centuries, from Italian pietra dura and micromosaics, French lacquer furniture pieces, or mounted porcelain vases, to Russian chandeliers. She thinks of her catalogue notes and research as a means to reveal and highlight the importance of the objects that are sold at Sotheby’s, and thereby to attract and invite many to the wonderful world of furniture.

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