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The Value of Art | Episode 9: Medium

“When we value a work of art, we have to understand the medium in which it was produced,” says Simon Stock, and expert in Impressionist and Modern art. No wonder medium is probably the first thing our specialists look at. And while there tends to be an unwritten hierarchy of material, lead by oil-on-canvas for painting and marble for sculpture, some artist’s ideas might translate most brilliantly in pastel on paper or lithography. As Episode 9 reminds us, a many great artists constantly experimented with a range of methods and means. Specialists in this episode: Frances Christie, Julian Dawes, Brandei Estes, Meredith Kirk, Courtney Kremers, Michael Macaulay, Yessica Marks, Jonquil O’Reilly, Edoardo Roberti and Simon Stock.

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