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Gold, Hardstone Cameo and Enamel Necklace

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  • gold, hardstone, enamel
Supporting cameos in the form of Pharaoh heads composed of lapis lazuli, brown jasper, green jasper, red jasper and turquoise, spaced by lotus flower motifs, applied throughout with enamel in red, white, blue, green and turquoise hues, decorated with granulation and twisted gold wire accents, length 15¼ inches; last quarter 19th century. With fitted case signed C. Roccheggiani.

Catalogue Note

The initial "C." stamped on the liner of the case stands for Cesare Roccheggiani who is mentioned in a few sources, and was related to a family known primarily for micromosaics in the Archaeological Revival style. Although the necklace is set with carved hardstones in the form of Egyptian Pharoah heads with no micromosaic work, the necklace was probably made sometime in the last quarter of the 19th century and an attribution to Cesare Roccheggiani is entirely plausible. In Murray’s Handbook to Rome of 1888, Roccheggiani is noted as also selling “gold ornaments from Antique patterns.” For further information see A Catalogue of the Hull Grundy Gift to the British Museum, Ed. Hugh Tait, Volume I, pages. 152-153, no. 966.