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Edouard Juvet, Fleurier

20,000 - 30,000 CHF
52,500 CHF


  • 鎏金琺瑯鑲珍珠懷錶,為中國市場製造,年份約1860。
  • 直徑57毫米
• 鎏金精工雕刻雙層機芯 • 鎏金內蓋 • 白色琺瑯錶盤,羅馬數字,外環分鐘刻度 • 錶背蓋彩色琺瑯描繪一騎馬男子獵虎,錶圈兩側及錶弓鑲半邊珍珠 • 機芯印有品牌標誌

* 拍品資料以英文圖錄為準。


The Juvets were one of the most important Swiss horological families to work for the Chinese market in the 19th century. In 1844, Edouard Juvet (1820-1883) moved his workshop the short distance from his base at Buttes to Fleurier, a town that became synonymous with watches made for the Chinese market. Edouard began making watches for the Chinese market in 1856 and his son, Ami-Louis, travelled to China to work locally for the family firm. Following his death, Ami-Louis was succeeded by his brother Léo (1848-1891). In Shanghai, the Juvets only serious competitors were the Bovets, yet the two families maintained friendly relations. The Maison Juvet prospered and further branches opened in Tien-tsin and Saigon. In 1873, Edouard Juvet registered a trademark in Chinese characters which was then used on the company’s watches. Edouard granted his son Léo power of attorney in November 1875 and, after his death in February 1883, Léo succeeded him as head of the firm.