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Finest and Rarest Wines Including Henri Jayer Magnums from the Exceptional Cellar of James H. Clark & The Romanée Conti Superlot

Hong Kong

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti
Cote de Nuits, Grand Cru
1992 (6 bts) owc
1993 (6 bts) owc
1994 (6 bts) cn
1995 (6 bts) owc
1996 (6 bts) owc
1997 (6 bts) owc
1998 (6 bts) owc
1999 (6 bts) wc
2000 (6 bts) owc
2001 (6 bts) wc
2002 (6 bts) wc
2003 (6 bts) 2 owc
2004 (6 bts) 2 owc
2005 (6 bts) 2 owc
2006 (6 bts) owc
2007 (6 bts) 1 owc, 1 cn
2008 (6 bts) 2 owc
2009 (6 bts) 2 owc
2010 (6 bts) 4 owc
Lot 6020 114 bottles, 23 owc, 3 wc, 2 cn
per lot: HKD 12000000-20000000
per lot: US$1500000-2500000


This unique lot contains a total of 114 bottles - six bottles of each of the 19 vintages of Romanee-Conti made from 1992 to 2010. With an annual production of about 5,000 bottles, Romanee-Conti is one of the rarest and most desirable wines in the world. To find 114 bottles in one lot is unheard of and as such, represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire an instant library of this Burgundy icon All bottles were acquired by a private collector from excellent UK trade sources and recently shipped from London to Sotheby's Hong Kong warehouse via temperature controlled reefer containe.

This is undoubtedly the most exciting Superlot we have ever sold, anywhere, and it is entirely composed of the wine that many would regard as the greatest in the world, Romanee-Conti. It is difficult to imagine such a treasure trove of such a rare, and superlative, wine, but exist it does and here it is in Hong Kong.

Romanee-Conti hardly needs any introduction. However, many would only know it as a name, as the incredibly small production (average annual production 450 cases) precludes widespread sampling. Existing as a separate entity since 1584, this plot of a mere 1.81 hectares of brown, chalky soil, with clay and iron content, produces wines of such scent and finesse, length, breed and sheer beauty that they almost defy description. We continue to try, evoking truffles, damp earth, ethereal texture, depth and complexity. This precious piece of land is managed with consummate skill and extreme care, on biodynamic principles and always with the aim of obtaining perfect grape ripeness, whatever the risk. Initially slow to show its full impact, Romanee-Conti keeps its counsel for years, gradually exploding into its great, hedonistic, full-blown intensity.

Under normal circumstances, it would be difficult for anyone to follow this magical process, but the buyer of this Romanee-Conti Superlot can do just this. With 6 bottles of each vintage from 1992 to 2010, bottles can be tried at various stages of their life, an intoxicating experience. This period of time encompasses a great epoch for Burgundy, with a string of very fine vintages of which Romanee-Conti took full advantage. I follow each vintage from its youth, when the promise of glory is mega-evident, but to be able to reach for a bottle at every moment of its maturity would be a treat of the highest order.

The sourcing of these wines was impeccable, curated by a Master of Wine at all stages of its acquisition.

I once wrote that, if a wine could have a soul, it would be Romanee-Conti. I still believe that and only wish that I could 'soul-search' on a more frequent basis!

Serena Sutcliffe M.W.
Head of International Wine

1992 u. 2x3cm, 1x3.5cm, bottle #s 01403-01408, 2 corks slightly raised, otherwise excellent appearance
1993 u. 1x3cm, 4x3.5cm, bottle #s 01392-01397, 1 label has a small stain in the bottom left corner, 1 slight sign of old seepage, otherwise very good appearance
1994 Bottle #s 01332, 01335, 01336, 01338, 01340, 01343, 1 label has a tiny mark, 2 back labels slightly marked in red
1995 Bottle #s 01770-01775, excellent levels and appearance
1996 Bottle #s 02038-02043, excellent levels and appearance
1997 u. 1x3cm, 1x4cm, bottle #s 02337-02342, 1 very slight sign of old seepage, otherwise excellent appearance
1998 Bottle #s 01917-01922, excellent levels and appearance
1999 Bottle #s 02086, 05180, 05055, 04539, 05665, 05723, 1 label very slightly damaged in bottom right corner, otherwise good levels and appearance, DRC wooden case
2000 Bottle #s 02191-02196, excellent levels and appearance, straw wrapped
2001 Bottle #s 02355, 02357, 02379, 02380, 04977, 04978, excellent levels and appearance, DRC wooden case
2002 Bottle #s 01375, 01389, 01568, 01577, 01757, 01758, excellent levels and appearance, wine comes from 2 different importers, DRC wooden case, wc missing original lid
2003 Bottle #s 00016-00018 & 00499-00501, 2 labels very slightly smudged, 2 capsules showing slight signs of old seepage, 2 corks very slightly raised
2004 Bottle #s 04650-04652 & 04653-04655, excellent levels and appearance
2005 Bottle #s 02332-02334 & 02329-02331, 1 label lightly marked down left side, otherwise excellent levels and appearance
2006 Bottle #s 02986-02991, excellent levels and appearance
2007 Bottle #s 00478-00480, & 02011, 03308, 03309, excellent levels and appearance, wine comes from 2 different importers, 1x3bt owc
2008 Bottle #s 01717-01719 & 01687-01689, excellent levels and appearance
2009 Bottle #s 04109-04111 & 04235-04237, excellent levels and appearance
2010 Bottle #s 01507-01509, 01164, 01238, 03264, excellent levels and appearance, wine comes from different importers, 1x3bt owc, 3x1bt owc


This is a delicious vintage at DRC, very enticing in all its fruity scent and charm.-- These are wines to lap up now, but watch out for all the inimitable DRC complexities that then steal up on you. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1992 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Quite an earthy nose. Meaty and even 'charred'. A touch of roast on the taste. Good acidity. Just a touch dry at the end with some gaminess. This is now mature, soft and ready. Slips down in silky fashion. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Dismiss all thoughts of Bordeaux when you consider the Burgundy 1993s - and, as always, think of DRC as in a class of its own.-- This is a DRC vintage of substance and delight, for the most part now approaching maturity, especially in bottle, although you could keep large formats for longer.
Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1993 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Last tasted in Methuselah. Wonderful nose of wild herbs on the 'garrigues'. The taste gets fuller and fuller in the glass, very much due to the large format bottle, I feel. A superb vintage and a powerful wine. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


The vintage was not uniformly good throughout Burgundy, but the Domaine makes its own rules and they waited until the sun returned on 20 September before planning the harvest.-- As a result, there is none of the 'severity' you sometimes see in this vintage and the beautiful scents you find in each 'climat' are all there.-- In my view, this is a DRC year, across the board, that you can now broach with pleasure. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1994 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
A wonderful, breedy scent leads into a taste that just expands on the palate, lingering and beguiling. We decided against decanting and poured it into big Riedel Burgundy 'ballons' and this suited the wine perfectly. There is something briary, smoky and mysterious about this wine. It has now opened out in a silky smooth way. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Late picking at the Domaine in this vintage did the trick and the wines have real opulence, attractive plumpness and all the myriad flavours you expect from each precious vineyard.-- I have particularly noticed tastes of black cherry jam of the kind that you get in the best Swiss hostelries!
Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1995 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
A piercingly beautiful scent that is pure Romanee Conti. Violets, liquorice, both wild cherries (griottes) and black cherries - the kind you get in Swiss jam. Multi-layered, many splendoured taste. Super-charged red and black fruit, a touch of vanilla and a real dollop of concentrated intensity. Above all, the supreme intensity of Romanee Conti. This is breed "personified" in a wine. Will keep for longer than anyone reading this. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


This great, beautifully defined vintage has a particular characteristic that is, in fact, found all over France this year - a remarkable concentration of both sugar and acidity, due to the combination of hot days and cold nights, a North wind and dryness.-- This immediately confers strong personality and longevity to the wines.-- The Domaine harvested as late as possible to exploit this exciting marriage of high natural degrees (more than 13 degrees in Romanee Conti and La Tache) and high acidity, giving high-wire balance to the wines.-- Romanee Conti was picked on the glorious morning of 1st October and the harvest finished on 3rd October with La Tache.-- A luminous vintage with wines of great length and precision. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1996 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
The total experience in this great vintage. The bouquet has everything. Violets, peat, raspberries. A mind-blasting, complete taste. A huge mouthful of wild cherries with plummy fruit and liquorice, all backed up by terrific tannin and ace acidity. Peat and black cherries on the finish. Monumental wine - a pillar of the vinous century in Burgundy. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


In autumn 1997, Aubert de Villaine said: 'The grapes are perhaps the most perfect we have picked these last few years, real jewels...', but sadly, there were not many of them as 1997 stands as the lowest yielding vintage of the preceding ten years.-- Extremes of cold, humidity and finally fabulous heat ensured that only the hardiest grapes survived and prospered and the result is wines that show purity of fruit, finesse and clear vineyard characteristics.-- The latter quality always makes for riveting comparisons between the Domaine 'climats', one of my favourite pursuits in the whole wine world.
Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1997 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Heavenly "sweet", ripe nose. Deeply scented projection. A mouthful of best Burgundian terroir, untrammelled fruit and multi-dimensional flavour. This is a Romanee-Conti that will turn gamey - I am convinced it will be the grouse wine "par excellence" in a few years' time. Glorious rich, gummy, thick yet elegant texture. Renoir in the glass! Unfolds endlessly. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


In December 2000, Aubert de Villaine wrote: "Never have I seen a more slowly evolving vintage but we were optimistic - the colours are beautiful, the aromas are enticing and there is lovely fruit with the eyes yet to open."
Aubert de Villaine had reason to be optimistic about this profound, complex vintage at the Domaine. -The cause of the 'slow start' was the prolonged 'elevage', with malolactic fermentation taking up to 12 months as opposed to the usual 3-6 months. -Only a single racking took place just before June 2000 and this was done by hand, cask by cask, with the wines falling quite naturally bright and clear. -This is another manifestation of the Domaine's Haute Couture approach. -Will the wines turn out like the 1952s?- That is a tall order, but it is not inconceivable. - Serena Sutcliffe, MW

1998 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
That extra special "elan" on the nose that always distinguishes Romanee-Conti from the rest. A real cherry kernel flavour, deep and persistent. The filigree, lacy texture of the climat. A tight, concentrated finish denotes the potential longevity, plus a mineral sign-off. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

We are talking about a very grand vintage here, one of the greatest in my lifetime for red Burgundy.-- As expected, the Domaine took full advantage of nature's gifts and rolled out an array of stupendous wines that, twelve years later, are just 'peeping above the parapet'.-- Perfect ripeness on old vines is a magic recipe and, not surprisingly, the Domaine took full advantage of this wonderful raw material.-- Concentrated sugar has given the wines a voluptuous character, with natural glycerol vying with finesse and elegance, all finally combining to create sheer excitement at every level. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

Aubert de Villaine was moved to say:- 'We observed this year the almost miraculous combination of high sugar contents and consequent high degrees of alcohol, good acidity from very concentrated berries and perfect health of the grapes.-- It is interesting to underline that the combination of these three factors in the same harvest only occurs very, very rarely.'

1999 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
La Tache may have the grandeur and the flamboyance in this vintage, but Romanee-Conti has the balance, the breed and the endless finish. DRC really did attain perfection this year, for which they can be justifiably proud, while we can be eternally grateful. It is the power and the nobility of bouquet and taste that really set these wines apart in 1999 and Romanee-Conti itself epitomises these qualities. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Some erroneously dismiss the 2000s as rather light, but they are opening out to be truly delectable. The DRC wines are, of course, imposing at every level with ripe tannins and considerable charm. The high percentage of older vines, with an average age of 52 years for Romanee-Conti, lies at the heart of the magical quality here. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2000 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
The Millennium vintage exploded on to the horizon with this beautifully balanced wine, so ripe and with such fresh acidity - those wonderful old vines immensely contributed here. Opulent, complex, refined and intricate, with a huge dollop of 2000 charm. It lingers on the palate in a very filigree, lacy way. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


"These are classic 'vins de garde', powerful, beautifully structured, but with both elegance and a seductive quality." Aubert de Villaine

The weather produced everything in 2001, from extremes of heat and glorious weather to storms and even cold. Meticulous selection was the secret here and the result is tremendous. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2001 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
At first, a slightly reticent, tremendously breedy Romanee-Conti nose. Then, as it meets the air, high octane wild strawberries nose of utter purity. The scent permeates the whole taste. Amazing flavour of sugared fraises de bois which explodes onto the palate. Such finesse of texture. Loganberries. Tremendous health. This is wine like no other - it knows no rivals. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


"For us, they are not wines of charm, they are wines of the future. A beautiful vintage." Aubert de Villaine.

One can see why Aubert said this - he was anxious that these perfectly lovely wines should not be drunk too young! Their fruity flamboyance might seduce their lucky owners into pulling corks too soon, thus depriving themselves of some gorgeous scents and flavours that emerge with bottle age. The glorious ripeness has real, architectural structure underneath - 2002 had a lower production at the Domaine than both 2001 and 2000. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2002 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Without a doubt, this is the Domaine's top wine in this vintage, packing more depth into it than the very attractive La Tache. It is the spiciness together with the breed that win the day, with underlying mineral elements and structure that I think will take it further into the future than La Tache. However, with these two wines, I am always ready to review my opinion! Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Everything about this vintage is 'legendary'. With ten days in August when the temperature went over 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit), the harvest began with the Echezeaux on 25th August and lasted just eight short mornings. The must was so rich that a relatively short vatting of 15 days was effected and the co-owners, Aubert de Villaine and Henri-Frederic Roch, decided not to acidify in spite of the very low acidity readings and to bottle earlier than usual. The wines have increasingly shown their individual terroir and characteristics and they have exciting fruit and freshness. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2003 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
The amazing element behind Romanee-Conti this year is that the wine has almost 'normal' acidity, whether due to the individual terroir, the remarkably old average age (53 years) of the vines, or the minute yield, we do not know. Suffice it to say that it has a magic scent that is totally true and utterly impressive in its purity and clarity. Complex and packed with aromatics. The taste is of pure bilberries, astonishing. Soft and mellow on the long finish. Reined in glory. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


"A vintage which in so many ways exemplifies perfectly our vision for this Domaine, offering a fidelity and transparency in each terroir allied to a purity, elegance and seduction which will assure it a privileged position among the beautiful vintages of these last few years." Aubert de Villaine

Undoubtedly, the Domaine made the wines of the vintage. This was a year when viticultural skills were tested to the limit and ruthless pruning, combined with the decision to wait until 25 September before beginning the harvest, have given us wines that excel. The naturally high alcohols, for the vintage, were achieved by the numerous super-concentrated berries releasing their sugars at the very end of the fermentations. The rest is history in the glass. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2004 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Amazing persistence on the nose, with spicy smokiness. Incredible flavour and length with the silky seduction that marks out this unique vineyard. You could call this weightless density. There is even a touch of nuttiness on the finish which I sometimes see in Romanee-Conti. This wine has a very far horizon of development. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Aubert de Villaine said this about the vintage: "What we have here are wines with incredible energy, virility and concentration: their power more than measures up to a vintage keen to stamp its mark, against which they are fighting long and hard to impose their terroir."

Aubert's picturesque description of this outstanding vintage reflects both its legendary potential, for these are very long-lived wines, and its inherent 'wildness', a characteristic that I adore in a great Burgundy. The huge fruit and power hit you immediately, almost like a tiger waiting to pounce. Dark density, deeply enveloping flavour and vibrant sweetness are the key words here. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2005 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Notes of tobacco and liquorice on the nose. So elegant and streamlined. A completely different texture from La Tache. A huge concentrated kernel, or centre, of cassis. Tight-knit heart. Still guarding its best secrets for us. Will be a landmark Romanee-Conti. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


This was a rollercoaster viticultural year, crowned with four great weeks in September.-- Virtually the entire month was fine and the grapes ripened apace, reaching a crescendo in the third week when the official harvest date was announced for 18 September, with the Domaine starting two days later.-- Ripeness levels here were as high as those attained in 2005 and the resulting wines surprised us all with their sheer class, style, finesse and elegance, truly packed with flavour.
Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2006 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Extremely complex spicy nose, multi-layered and mysterious. Enormous, packed-down concentration on the palate. A wonderful sweet, gummy taste. A finish of pure blueberries. Peaty aftertaste plus huge fruit. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


This was a growing season that gave cause for concern.-- After a really warm April start, flowering did not go as planned and then the summer turned into a battle with mildew, oidium and botrytis, dealt with at the Domaine using organic and biodynamic methods. --However, from 20th August until the end of September, it was gloriously sunny, bright and fresh, setting the scene for rapidly increasing degree levels.-- The Domaine harvested in wonderful conditions during the first 8 days of September, giving a natural 13 degrees of alcohol.-- I remember writing, after the first tasting of the great Romanee Conti this year, 'the 2007s here are Chamber Music wines, rather than full orchestral Mahler' - and that is what I love about them. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2007 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
A smoky, tobacco-like quality to the bouquet. Then the archetypal sweetness comes through, with the emphasis on red cherries. It is like having a whole bowl of red and black fruit in the mouth. This really wins the day in 2007. A beautifully clear, clean sign-off. Rose petals and liquorice. This is pure class in the bottle. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


Aubert de Villaine put it very succinctly when he said, 'It is extraordinary and something I have hardly ever seen in even 40 years - 2008 has the ripeness and maturity of a great vintage but at a cost in yield that is so savage'.-- Ruthless selection, leaf stripping and bunch thinning encouraged ripening, but luminously good weather did not materialise until 14 September.- The Domaine waited until 27 September to start harvesting, which lasted until 6 October.- Gorgeous, silky concentration is the result and all the sacrifices paid off.
Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2008 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
The phenomenally low yield and tireless vineyard work produced a wine that is gloriously expressive on the nose, announcing all the juicy fruit, concentration and silky structure that one finds on the palate. The length is both sensual and seductive, alluring in its purity and ability to fill the mouth with old-vine (an average age of 56 years) sweetness. Serena Sutcliffe, MW


There has to be something about Burgundy years that end in 9 - just think about it!-- Maybe there is a hint of 1959 in this vintage......It was an exceptionally sunny year, culminating in an Indian summer.-- There was a lot of vineyard protection from April to July, with both heat and storms, but from early August all was sweetness and light, albeit with dry conditions.-- Small clusters, small berries and yet generous quantity all made for smiling faces.-- The Domaine's harvest on the Cote de Nuits lasted from 13-19 September and the wines are terrific, rich, opulent and mouth-filling. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2009 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
Initially, less exuberant on the nose than La Tache but then the subtlety of all the scents pours in, blueberries and flowers. A 'lightness of being' on the palate in terms of refinement and finesse. Such sweet persistence, all lace and silk while La Tache is damask. A great compote of black fruit with an ethereal finish. One floats away on a cloud.....
Serena Sutcliffe, MW


This is a simply beautiful vintage, but that does not mean it was an easy one!-- The lengthy, irregular flowering ensured a somewhat mean quantity and humid conditions in summer demanded vigilance and work.-- Small berries and thick skins resisted well the heat and storms of August and September, so that the Domaine could wait until 24 September to begin the harvest in Vosne, with the end of the second picking on 5 October.-- It is an extraordinary year for the sheer character and personality of each and every wine, intense, full of impact and, obviously, set for a long life due to the combination of freshness and depth.-- I intend to live long enough to see them burst into full bloom. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

2010 Romanee-Conti Tasting Note
19 hl/ha. Average age of vines: 56 years. Total production: 386 cases. This has the most intense nose of all the DRC wines in 2010, with totally enveloping eastern spices. Reminds me of heavenly apres-ski gluhwein! A mineral bite to it on the palate. Richer and deeper than all the others and the impact of the flavour is more pronounced. Beautifully defined, precise and poised, with a strawberry kickback. The juiciness of this vintage is so appealing. One of the great Romanee-Contis. Serena Sutcliffe, MW

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Finest and Rarest Wines Including Henri Jayer Magnums from the Exceptional Cellar of James H. Clark & The Romanée Conti Superlot

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