Manga マンガ at the British Museum

23 May–26 August | London

T he British Museum is hosting the largest ever exhibition outside Japan of Manga. In Japanese, the word ‘Manga’ encapsulates the art of cartooning, describing an epic tradition of storytelling through ‘whimsical’ or ‘impromptu’ (man) and ‘pictures’ (ga).

Hoshino Yukinobu, Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure, 2011. © YUKINOBU HOSHINO/SHOGAKUKAN INC.
Noda Satoru, Golden Kamuy, 2014 onwards. © Satoru Noda / SHUEISHA.

This artform’s characteristically bold aesthetic will be showcased through a huge array of Manga comics, Anime films and CosPlay apparel, charting its evolution to international phenomenon. The long-overdue celebration will highlight the expressive power of this Eastern artform and its impact on Western culture. It will examine how issues of politics, gender, sexuality, faith, race and nature are explored through adventures in the Manga-sphere, where fantastical worlds and surreal narratives touch on the beguiling nature of our existence in the real world.

(From left) Hagio Moto, The Poe Clan, 1972–76; Higashimura Akiko, Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime), 2008–17. © Akiko Higashimura / Kodansha Ltd.

The Citi Exhibition, Manga マンガ will be on view at the British Museum from 23 May–26 August.

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