How ‘The Wild Beasts’ Liberated Color and Forever Changed Modern Art

New York | 12 November

Fauvism may have been a relatively short movement, yet it left a lasting impact on 20th Century art. Literally translating to the wild beasts, les Fauves emphasized and liberated color to reinvent subject matter familiar to the impressionists in radical way. Join Sotheby’s Simon Shaw, Vice Chairman, Global Fine Arts, in an introduction to this powerful movement through magnificent works by Maurice de Vlaminck. Through works like Paysage au bois mort and Pêcheur à Chatou, Vlaminck further distanced art from the vestiges of realism and paved the way for Abstraction. These works and more comprise The Triumph of Color: Important Works from a Private European Collection, to be featured in Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening sale. (12 November | New York)

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