Frank’s Files: Why Suzanne Belperron’s Style was Her Signature

New York | Summer 2019

From freedom fighter in Nazi-occupied France to designing for the Duchess of Windsor, Suzanne Belperron possessed a unique tenacity and precise skill that led her to pioneer a new aesthetic in jewelry. In this episode of Frank’s Files, Frank Everett speaks with current Belperron and Verdura President Nico Landrigan about the amazing life and groundbreaking talent of Suzanne Belperron. From the new flagship salon perched above New York’s 5th avenue, Frank and Nico look through the Belperron Archives to view 100 years of her bold, elemental designs. After looking through historic masterpieces and unrealized compositions, one can see why Belperron famously never signed her work and instead asserted that “my style is my signature.”

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