Frank’s Files: How David Webb Took Over American Jewelry

New York

In this 3-part special edition of Frank’s Files, Frank Everett gets an inside look at the history, expertise, and glamour of David Webb. In this installment, co-owner Mark Emanuel chronicles the spectacular rise of David Webb and illustrates what makes Webb designs so desirable. Fresh out of the army, a 17-year-old David Webb arrived in New York. Having worked at his uncle’s silver shop in Asheville, he was eager to showcase his burgeoning talent on a grand stage. But it wasn’t enough to work around diamonds and sapphires — Webb wanted to design jewelry. With the financial support of Paris-born socialite Antoinette Quilleret, he was able to open his own company at 2 West 46th street. By 1950, at only 25 years old, Webb’s jewelry had already been featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. "Everybody wants something original” Webb once remarked, and drawing from a variety of influences he crafted bold, unique designs that could only be described as quintessentially American. Watch more episodes of Frank’s Files here.

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