Public School Curates at Sotheby’s

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Print collectors, fashionistas and close friends joined Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Orsborne to celebrate the designers’ curatorial debut at Sotheby’s. The duo behind downtown-cool label Public School created a nuanced, autobiographically inspired installation of works from next week’s Prints and Multiples sale. The show retraces Chow and Osborne’s aesthetic memories, from the street art they grew up with (Haring, Basquiat) to the high-art museums (Picasso, Munch). DJ Super You&Me was on hand spinning 1980s tracks to a crowd that included Adam Dawkins, Nana Meriwether, Michael Little, Patrick Toussaint and Sean John. – Meghan Dailey

Prints & Multiples

23-24 November | New York

Public School Curates at Sotheby’s