Making Waves: Sculptures by Artists and Celebrities to Benefit La Mer Blue Hearts Oceans Fund for Project 0

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From Homer’s Odyssey to Hokusai’s Great Wave, the ocean has inspired artists, writers and thinkers across epochs and cultures. Project 0 is a global campaign dedicated to restoring and protecting this crucial natural resource for future generations. Fifty influential artists, singers and tastemakers have joined Project 0 in partnership with La Mer to create unique wave sculptures as part of La Mer Wave Walk. Displayed in key locations throughout New York City, these artworks remind viewers of the ocean’s majestic beauty and our societal need to protect marine biodiversity. Ten of these fantastic waves as well as one surfboard by artist and avid surfer Julian Schnabel will be offered in a live auction at Sotheby’s on 21 June. A selection of the waves are open for online auction through Paddle8. All proceeds will benefit La Mer Blue Hearts Oceans Fund for Project 0. Click ahead for a preview these tidal sculptures from the 21 June auction.